• 19S2-C chua jiaying 5 months ago

    Who thinks yeji is hot?👇🏻

  • teen 'n 27 minutes ago

    no she cool hahaha

  • Medha U 18 hours ago

    Tbh everyone is

  • Hikaru ichihoshi yesterday

    ITZY fandom name is MIDZY ! How many international Midzy here ||V

  • Who’s watching this because they can’t wait for ITZY’s comeback?

  • Alien Cars Fan 45 minutes ago

    OMG your username! Multi stan at its best yasssss!

  • Kim Nguyem 6 hours ago


  • melanie 3 days ago

    I made my sister who doesn’t like girl girls stan ITZY. She actually likes them. She loves Yeji but is biased wrecked by all of them.

  • Hwang Yeji 3 days ago

    I am happy she liked them <3Thank you for making your sister a new midzy^^~fighting^-^

  • Win Win wing yesterday

    I’m so happy for LiA . She used to be SM EX-trainee for new girls group.And Now she has a debut first and very success.

  • Rolly Polly 2 hours ago

    @Bighit nbg is going to end big 3 boygroups or maybe more successful than TXT 😂

  • Ashana B. 5 months ago

    Y'all hate experimental girl groups huh. Don't y'all get tired of the same concepts, same chord progression, and same love songs all the time?!?! The song's messy but it isn't horrible. It reminds me of old kpop when everyone had wacky concepts and unique sounding songs (their debut song gave me 2ne1 vibes; not comparing them to 2ne1 tho). I loved this song from first listen and even if you don't like the song itself, the choreography and visuals are AMAZING. The lyrics are also great. It preaches self...

  • taegucci 10 hours ago

    Also this sound like dollar$$$ from g-idle but a bit of twist and cheerful ver.

  • Happy Virus 3 days ago

    Midzys we don't have to worry about views or making 140m before comeback. For a rookie group they are doing very well. For now let's relax and in July 29 let's concentrate on breaking our previous 24h record. Fighting

  • tin phong phung 12 hours ago

    135m view should be good 😃

  • Raine Valera 14 hours ago


  • Sara loves BTS 3 days ago

    Haters: *Dalla dalla is an awful song*Itzy: *Hold our 9 music show wins*

  • Stream Snapping 2 hours ago

    @Jeon Samira i think the point was if the song is as terrible as they say than it wouldn't have got so many wins, its still charting on all the charts in korea. Yeah that doesn't mean anyone has to love it but people are being too mean about this song saying its the worst song this year etc etc

  • Jeon Samira 6 hours ago

    Everyone has a different taste. If people hate the song the wins won't make them love this song lol

  • Midzy! Make sure to stream on itzys new comeback, IT’z ICY!

  • Harshitha Vellanki 2 hours ago

    Julian Noel Juban Please don't bring other bands into this and start fan wars if you seriously wish that our fandom should not come out as toxic

  • 모션Lovelyz 12 days ago

    ITZY'S FANDOM NAME: MIDZY! How many international Midzy are here?👇

  • Danara Ann Meana 2 hours ago


  • ItsNat 8 hours ago