• Jana (Feb 10, 2019)

    Funny how this song is about being yourself, being unique and not comparing yourself to others, yet people are still comparing this new group to other groups.

  • kelly j whinte (15 seconds ago)

    so what

  • BDPlaysMinecraft (4 hours ago)

    pana from walgreens they never said that

  • Saiful Islam (13 hours ago)

    How many people watching today??? If you watch then..... 👇

  • 啊偉 (2 hours ago)

    I’m not watching

  • 아이린 (14 hours ago)

    Group name : *ITZY*Fandom name : *Bitzy*Anti's name : *Spider*Yep, that sounds about right. 😂👍

  • xbex (18 minutes ago)

    and fandom hate name = Bitchy (i love itzy no hate 😂AHHDSHHSA)

  • Mo Vie (30 minutes ago)

    ITZY as Animals:Yeji: Crocodile. Fierce and dangerous faceLia: Sloth. She has a funny face when smilingRyujin: Python Once I look at her, she looks like a python just wanna eat anybody upChaeryeong: Stingray. She resembles it. Just look at a Ray's face and look at her face. They're the sameYuna: Mantis. She has those scary eyes. She wanna fight with anyone dare to look at herJust google and compare

  • Aissatou Diallo (18 hours ago)

    1.4M likes in 9 days wow😭🙏🏼👍🏼🤙🏼

  • ddong Su (15 hours ago)

    JYP never fails to deliver a great girl group, from wonder girls in 2007 all the way to ITZY in 2019, he is the industry's best girl group rep. Good luck ITZY, wing it like TWICE !

  • ARMYx Cheshire (Feb 10, 2019)

    *ITZY is ITZY**Itzy are NOT Blackpink. They are NOT TWICE. They are NOT wonder girls. They are NO ONE but ITZY. Stop comparing them. You don’t like the song? Ok that’s fine but is it really worth comparing a group that just debuted to others?? No it’s not. Let’s be glad and happy we have more groups talking about self love and confidence. Isn’t that what we all need and want anyways?? Or is the jealousy and hatred so blinding that now ya’ll are backtracking? I swear I don’t get you people*

  • Areiz Putu (1 day ago)

    ITZI is so cool, no compare!! ✊✊ I'm so picky about music, maybe i will stan ITZIHey i just realize that u r an Army??I'm an Army too ✌️✌️😆😆

  • devsy (1 day ago)

    Code X (saying this as a once ) bitch lmao i saw so many onces saying “they’ll never be good as twice” don’t act like we’re innocent !. there are fans from all different fandoms acting like this. don’t act like our fandom is pure or smth bc there will always be toxic fans. sad but true ^

  • ITZY BITZY (17 hours ago)

    ‘DALLA DALLA’ - 8AM KST#1 Naver (+1)#2 Genie (+1)#2 Bugs (=)#3 MelOn (=)#1 Mnet (+1)#3 Soribada (=)Hopefully ITZY can keep Mnet #1, that’ll help them get their first win for Mcountdown💜

  • +Dimas Arya and!! They will sing live if they will win!!🤩😍

  • 19S2-C chua jiaying (9 hours ago)

    Who thinks Ryujin is cool? 👇🏻

  • Litzy (2 hours ago)

    Who doesn't 😂

  • إتزي (2 hours ago)


  • LeonTheCharmeleon (15 hours ago)

    MAIN VOCALS: Yeji's hairMAIN VISUALS: Yeji's hairMAIN RAPPER : Yeji's hairMAIN DANCER : Yeji's hairFANDOM NAME : Yeji's hair

  • best charisma: yeji ...omg she slays the song and overshadows the rest

  • +Someone else wtf xd hahahahaha

  • littlehope (18 hours ago)

    Still #1 trending singapore after 1week

  • Danish Anais (7 seconds ago)

    right !! People in singapore🙋🏼‍♀️ love itzy so much 😍😍

  • Mr Alpaca Gaming Channel (53 minutes ago)

    Singapore here