Chasing GAME MASTER in ABANDONED Sunken City! New Clues and Hidden Evidence Found in Real Life.

  • Published on:  9/14/2018
  • Watch Rebecca Zamolo interviews Game Master Spy Stephen Sharer! (Hidden Clues in Escape Room Toy House)▶ Help Rebecca Zamolo and Matt solve clues!▶ ZamFam merch is here! https://rebeccazamolo.comRebecca Zamolo destroyed her YouTube play button after finding a hidden tracker device that the Game Master was using to spy on her. After solving the mystery clues on the note Rebecca and Matt went to explore an abandoned sunken city in Los Angeles and search for new clues and hidden evidence from the GM. It felt like an escape room in real life and spotted the real Gamemaster in the distance. We chased him and tried to trap him. Do you think we will catch him? Keep up with the Game Master and help us find clues: Rebecca found the hidden secret camera in her YouTube play button she had to destroy it so the Game Master would stop spying on her. The GM left a mystery note that led Rebecca and her husband Matt (not brother) to exploring an abandoned sunken city. We explored the city then got a DM on Instagram from the Gamemaster to send us on a treasure hunt in real life with less then 24 hours. He sent text message clues on my iPhone that led us to different locations on a map. We solved the mystery messages and the final clue took us to a tree. We spotted someone spying on us in the distance and started chasing him. We aren’t sure who it was but it could be the hacker from Project Zorgo or Chad Wild Clay. Do you think we’ll be able to catch this spy in our car? Thanks so much for watching my family friendly vidoes in 2018!Watch My Awesome Friends and other fun YouTube Videos:Stephen Sharer | GameMaster challenged us to make Top Secret DIY Edible School Supplies Wild Clay | Trapped in Abandoned Desert Road (Spying by Hacker Suspect Lie Detector Mystery Man) Quaint | Reacting to New Project Zorgo (Reaction to Hacker in Real Life) and Rebecca | FOUND Secret Hidden Camera in our House! (Spying by Game Master in Real Life) MY OTHER FUN VIDEOS!24 hour challenges: Fun Videos: Mondays: Rebecca Zamolo:Instagram: RebeccaZamoloSnapChat: rebeccazamoloFacebook: FAN MAIL TO REBECCA!12021 Wilshire Blvd number 714Los Angeles, Ca 90025#abandoned#gamemaster#the24hourchallenge


  • paula mihasan
    paula mihasan 2 months ago+267

    Hi like if u are part of the ZAMFAM

  • Bruce Robinson
    Bruce Robinson 2 months ago+22

    Rebecca on the back of the emoji mask it said code 10

  • Awesome Tywolf
    Awesome Tywolf 2 months ago+14

    I’m pretty sure sam and Colby went here...I love it
    Edit: yes sam and Colby went to that sunken city

  • Tatyana Richardson
    Tatyana Richardson 1 months ago+14

    That place is haunted. I saw Sam and Colby do a video there

  • Megan Bowley
    Megan Bowley 11 months ago+125

    The game master has a channel called the real game master like so Rebecca can see

  • Gabrielle O
    Gabrielle O 2 months ago+11

    I'm at 5:03 and I think the word is "ocean".
    Edit: Now I'm at 7:27 and its not ocean. Lol
    Edit #2:ITS WATER!!!!

  • Jessica Reynolds
    Jessica Reynolds 1 months ago+16

    It is Water it might be on the rocks game master is watching he as smiley face on his face

  • Beau Ford
    Beau Ford 2 months ago+32

    You work together but one person wins give this a thumbs up if you agree

  • Kinley Lucas
    Kinley Lucas 2 months ago+18

    Their is something in the mask!
    I love your videos

  • Juliet Aceves
    Juliet Aceves 11 months ago+93

    The smiley face means it's a trick like this now for rebeca can see this 👍

  • Lovely Rose
    Lovely Rose 3 months ago+27

    Thered was ticking decives on Rebecca play button she thought that was real play button and game master was spy on Rebecca zamolo she think it cause game master is bad

  • Shirlyn Topper
    Shirlyn Topper 2 months ago+14

    I think the five letter word is 🍎
    I swear I’m not typing this comment
    while the video is running

  • Sandy Browne
    Sandy Browne 1 months ago+6

    I think that Steven sharer is a part of Project zorgo because on CWC’s video they showed us a clip of the hacker communicating with another hacker wering a share the love shirt

  • Penelope Blanchard
    Penelope Blanchard 14 days ago+3

    Count up all the smiley faces and that could be a code
    And in other GM videos he leaves cards and dices look out
    For dice 🎲

  • Bethany Harrison
    Bethany Harrison 11 months ago+307

    Rebecca on the back of the emoji mask it said code 10!!! Like so she can see this

  • PurplePanda_28 Gacha
    PurplePanda_28 Gacha 21 days ago+6

    I already guessed it from the letter gm put its " OCEAN "
    I hope I'm right. fingers crossed
    Edit: was water...

  • Nooria Hamid
    Nooria Hamid 14 days ago+4

    the word spells "water"
    edit: I was correct!!

  • Fay lover
    Fay lover 14 days ago+2

    That is what the game master was wearing as a mask cuz I'm the footage I saw when he was planting the cameras he had a :-) mask. I hope I can get a shout-out I love you guys. Bye.

  • Dawn Ayim
    Dawn Ayim 2 months ago+6


  • Aqua Unicorn
    Aqua Unicorn 11 months ago+46

    1 like= 1 hope for Rebecca and Matt
    Let's see how much hope will they get?