Game Theory: How To WIN A War (Assassin's Creed Odyssey)

  • Published on:  9/29/2018
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  • LizardAndWizard 67
    LizardAndWizard 67 10 months ago+1242

    It’s like he knows that I have an oral history exam about Ancient Greece

  • Luke McNamara
    Luke McNamara 8 months ago+942

    How to win a war:
    Step 1: Ask Ezio
    Step 2: Make him target the entire army

    EPIC FORTNITE NEWS 8 months ago+314

    Sparta was a army with a state, not a state with an army

    UNKNOWN BROKEN 6 months ago+186

    In oddysey you fight for whoever give you more gear

  • tylerg1020
    tylerg1020 2 months ago+131

    Ubisoft watching this video knowing damn well the games not that deep
    Im in danger

  • Anna Walter
    Anna Walter 10 months ago+2010

    Just because you’re a dad now doesn’t mean you can only tell dad jokes, Mat

  • HB - MeK
    HB - MeK 6 months ago+60

    I dont side with anyone, whenever theres a battle i just always go on the attacking side so i get more loot.

  • NinjaSheep
    NinjaSheep 10 months ago+699

    Your analysis on Sparta is almost entirely inaccurate albeit its not really your fault. Sparta originated as a Cretan invasion force and throughout its history this fact was never forgotten. The Spartans considered themselves superior than the "Helots" they conquered and set up a caste hierarchy with the native Greeks being kept as slaves while the spartan citizens were effectively nobility. Over time Sparta gained very VERY many slaves in their empire with slaves outnumbering spartan citizens almost 9-1. This did two things: one was Spartan citizens became fabulously wealthy and two they became notoriously cautious. Since the helots outnumbered the Spartans by such a large margin and the Sparta made no effort to integrate the foreigners slave revolt was a constant threat. Any large defeat on the battlefield could mean not enough troops to keep the Helots down and so Sparta didn't expand beyond their peninsula in anything but influence. Also due to this Sparta invested heavily in propaganda and military equipment. They weren't the strongest fighters and were very cautious relying on mercenaries, alliances and their generals to minimize casualties which worked and after 300 (which was actually a broad alliance of numerous smaller city states and Sparta who decided to stay behind and was actually closer to 1200) they did become feared. They pushed this one battle so hard and spread so many lies about their culture (impossible to correct since Sparta was closed off tighter than north korea at the time) that they turned from the rich Cretan nobles with weird quirky laws to the ultimate warriors. But in reality they were a mix between a landed aristocracy and a wealthy militia. Their reputation held because they almost never fought wars with Athens being the main aggressor in most wars in Greece. Once they did finally take a serious unavoidable loss their empire collapsed and they became even more like north korea: an impoverished hyper militaristic state desperately trying to survive against the Athenian and Macedonian superpowers. In short they were never like what they were depicted as in 300 or in their propaganda and even only held that reputation for about 250 years but since those 250 years are the most well documented and dynamic period in Greek history the stereotype remains.

  • Pro Vaeh Does Something
    Pro Vaeh Does Something 1 months ago+17

    "History's Greatest Minds"
    Athens - Worships A Female Goddess Of Wisdom
    Also Athens - Regards Women As Basically Slaves But Hotter

  • A Man Who Can
    A Man Who Can 6 months ago+45

    How to win a war;
    Step 1: ask Ezio to win it for you.
    Step 2: you won.

  • Ethan Harmon
    Ethan Harmon 10 months ago+150

    I would like to say that I'm a big fan of game theory. Even when I don't necessarily agree with an episode, I generally see the argument there and can find some value to it, but this episode was painfully reductive. MatPat, you reduce the Athenian-Spartan conflict into the geeks vs jocks debate, like it's a stereotypical high school, but these cultures weren't simple clicks. Yes, Athens was a center of art and learning, but it wasn't a great society to live in. Their democracy only represented the people who were considered "citizens", which wasn't very many, and it was one of the more repressive towards women. On top of that, they utilized their naval powers to establish an empire in everything but name with Athenian interests at its center. I'm just saying that Athens wasn't the nerdy paradise you present. It could be just as backwards and ruthless as any other city. Likewise, Sparta wasn't just jocks running around armed with swords and raging testosterone. They actually were one of the most empowering to women, because the women were needed to help keep the slaves in check. In addition, your analysis lacks time depth. Athens was a power for way longer than Sparta. For most of it's history, Sparta was a relatively small polis. There's even some suggestion that the reason that Alexander didn't take Sparta wasn't because he was afraid of them, but because their city wasn't worth the fight it would take to conquer it. If you want a pretty detailed look at Greek history, I would check out Blue on Overly Sarcastic Productions. He talks about this stuff in detail, but this theory seems like it was designed to fit the popular narrative, rather than an in-depth look at the history, and you can't say that this was all in fun. This could get away in a clearly ridiculous theory like analyzing Luigi's junk, but you are presenting this as a serious look at the two sides. Your best videos are so great because you look at things with passion and attention. You care about getting the facts right, which makes the audience care. This didn't feel like that. I say this because I honestly love your channel and try to catch each episode when I can. I want to see you put out great content.

  • Aravind Subhash
    Aravind Subhash 3 months ago+6

    "what should we do with the funds boss?"
    "Not upgrade servers..
    Oh and also sponsor matpat"

  • Da Smurfy
    Da Smurfy 3 months ago+7

    Loki: I have an army
    Tony: we have a hulk
    Obi Wan: I have the high
    Mat: well, we have Ezio

  • Ziog_Gr
    Ziog_Gr yesterday+1

    I am actually Greek and let's just say that your jokes had an extra layer of cringe

  • SuperGaming53
    SuperGaming53 10 months ago+690


  • Boudreaux J.
    Boudreaux J. 7 months ago+24

    This is SPARTA!!!...

  • Gridlock 180
    Gridlock 180 4 days ago+3

    How to win a war??
    Just ask Ezio Auditore and he will do the rest

  • Teal Diamond
    Teal Diamond 9 months ago+2

    Athens : "If I bring my army into your land, I will destroy your farms, slay your people and raze your city."
    Sparta : "IF"
    Behold, one of the world's earliest BURNs

  • Robbie Mercury
    Robbie Mercury 2 months ago+15

    How to win a war in 2019 drop 50 nukes in each country

  • Kanadai-Magyar Mapper

    3:13 Is this Hungary,or Bulgaria? DEADLOCK START!