GTA 5 Cinema: Recreating 5 Iconic Movie Scenes - IGN Original

  • Published on:  6/26/2015
  • Made with the Rockstar editing system, we used in-game GTA 5 PC footage to recreate scenes from Terminator 2, Jurassic Park, Drive, The Fast & The Furious, and Speed. Special thanks to the team at "8-Bit Bastard" ( for helping. And "Owenwilson2" ( for making the Terminator mod.


    8-BIT BASTARD 4 years ago+124

    Video came out great, it was a blast helping out! You guys are a pleasure to work with.

  • VariablePenguin
    VariablePenguin 4 years ago+103

    Their Vin Diesel looked like a cranky baby.

  • Yung OG
    Yung OG 4 years ago+20

    Was expecting to see the tunnel chase scene from T2, still a cool video though.

  • Got Bunnies
    Got Bunnies 4 years ago+11

    I gotta say these are spot on

  • Healthier Choice
    Healthier Choice 4 years ago+27


  • Lane2045
    Lane2045 4 years ago+7

    Wasn't really expecting (or consider) DRIVE on here as an ICONIC film scene, but I think the recreation was the most well done one of the bunch. Great Job!

  • maryyjanee247
    maryyjanee247 4 years ago+17

    This was actually really cool I'd like to see more of these if possible!

  • Tiberiu Axinte
    Tiberiu Axinte 4 years ago+3

    They should've used Swift chopper for the final film

  • Dirty Worka
    Dirty Worka 4 years ago+6

    Great job guys!!! Fast & Furious FTW!

  • OfficalMcM
    OfficalMcM 4 years ago+4

    why would you use the annihilator and not the frogger or the maverick for example?

  • TheSilverSpy
    TheSilverSpy 4 years ago+2

    Too much water.

  • Azusa Azunyan
    Azusa Azunyan 4 years ago

    GG254 Productions are the best for making cinematics on GTA5

  • irhan Pilav
    irhan Pilav 4 years ago

    The Jurassic park scene was just AMAZING!!!!

  • Austyn L4D
    Austyn L4D 4 years ago+2

    If you havent seen drive, stop watching this video and go watch it. you can watch it on crackle for free! (I think)

  • שליו שוסט
    שליו שוסט 3 years ago

    מה זה ה-GTA 5 גם ב-Real life בסרטים

  • Can't Believe Someone Actually

    I actually want more of this, please

  • S AccurateS
    S AccurateS 4 years ago

    gotta love how he shifts like five time going in....reverse hahaha

  • Karandeep Kang
    Karandeep Kang 4 years ago+1

    vin diesel looked halirious

  • Austin Trosclair
    Austin Trosclair 4 years ago

    Someone has to do National Lampoon's Vacation that would be too epic

  • GamerLoquendero X
    GamerLoquendero X 3 years ago

    I like the Terminator scene... IT'S AWESOME!!!