• Published on:  9/14/2018
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  • Caroline Howell
    Caroline Howell 10 months ago+1218

    Imagine your punishment being given another car to drive in

  • Benjamin From The Tribe of Judah

    Dr. Phil really has to stop disabling the comment section.

  • ytmikayla
    ytmikayla 7 months ago+264

    everyone is saying she was making fun of the car, but I think she was more laughing about how she thought Nicolette would react.

  • diordolly
    diordolly 7 months ago+388

    When rich people see average peoples cars.....🤦‍♀️

  • here’s the mf tea
    here’s the mf tea 7 months ago+459

    because of her mothers attitude about the car, I can see where Nicolette got it from...

  • ludah
    ludah 10 months ago+1554

    I hope they feel embarrassed for being this shallow. The wealthiest people I've ever known made their son work a landscaping job and buy his own car. He bought an old police car at one of those auctions and loves it more than anything. That is class.

  • Jenny V
    Jenny V 7 months ago+276

    Nicolette, there‘s people that are dying.

  • shannon steinhauer
    shannon steinhauer 8 months ago+101

    You guys, the mom isn’t laughing about the car, she’s laughing at the fact that she gets to torture her daughter. Chill.

  • Taylor S
    Taylor S 7 months ago+406

    My car is a 98 ford escort, rusty, hail damage, roll up windows, no cooling. I love my car I paid for it all by myself and it runs well! I hope people don’t make fun of my car that I’m so proud of.

  • Sydney Spradlin
    Sydney Spradlin 5 months ago+35

    This is really annoying to watch because a lot of people would be sooo thankful to even have a car and to see them laugh so hard at that car is extremely upsetting

  • josie ree
    josie ree 11 months ago+1597

    They didn't even need Dr Phil. Dr. Christian is way better. 😂 😂 😂 😂

  • Hannah Barton
    Hannah Barton 7 months ago+143

    Why did she say ‘Chanel heels’ when she said she said she was gonna fall over why not just ‘heels’

  • Sarah Carnat
    Sarah Carnat 8 months ago+147

    sorry to burst your bubble nina, but this isnt helping your daugher.

  • Glitspark Bratz
    Glitspark Bratz 5 months ago+39

    Could you imagine being that
    Rich and your makeup still looking like that

  • Penrose
    Penrose 5 months ago+44

    “It doesn’t have a blind eye sensor”... but you have two eyes and that car wasn’t in your blind spot

  • Brigitte Emery
    Brigitte Emery 8 months ago+17

    Like Mom like daughter-both need a serious reality check.

  • Tabby ASMR
    Tabby ASMR 7 months ago+47

    How did she pass her driving test when she relies on her car to do everything for her like a blind spot sensor wth you need to check yourself not rely on a car to 😒

  • Bryce Griffin
    Bryce Griffin 8 months ago+115

    I feel like this might be a little more entertaining... if she was actually attractive....

  • Jawad Naseem
    Jawad Naseem 6 months ago+24

    WHYYYY does her mom wants to do a boomerang with everything like ahhhhhhh it's irritating

  • Editing Luv
    Editing Luv 9 months ago+1179

    The fact that the mom was laughing at that “junky” car really showed me where that brat got her personality from.