• Published on:  9/14/2018
  • My mom took away my G Wagon and made me drive around Beverly Hills in and old beat up car!


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  • shannon steinhauer
    shannon steinhauer 59 minutes ago

    You guys, the mom isn’t laughing about the car, she’s laughing at the fact that she gets to torture her daughter. Chill.

  • Awesome Boy365
    Awesome Boy365 12 hours ago

    Why does she nearly have 700k subs?!?

  • lauren vaudagna
    lauren vaudagna 12 hours ago

    wow, spoiled little brat!!!! I was excited to drive anything when I was her age!

  • Isabella 08
    Isabella 08 19 hours ago

    You were on dr Phil

  • violetcrumble57
    violetcrumble57 22 hours ago

    With a mother like that how can this poor girl be anything else but the way she is

  • Zhoviah
    Zhoviah yesterday

    Shit I might have to go fuck her mom 💀

  • TheDaimondAce
    TheDaimondAce yesterday

    I thought the that your not a brat but I say this video BRAT

  • Spiritual Guru
    Spiritual Guru yesterday+3

    Dr. Phil really has to stop disabling the comment section.

  • Spiritual Guru
    Spiritual Guru yesterday+1

    This the crybaby from Dr. Phil that was scared to get a job. But she wanted her mom to pay her 2500 a month. Lol crazy world this is.

  • Teuntje Heerkens
    Teuntje Heerkens 2 days ago

    We don't even own a fuckin car hahah

  • Hunter Sieling
    Hunter Sieling 2 days ago

    Lol my 1988 Jeep Comanche will drive over he cute little g wagon😂😂😂 learn to work for your stuff and not have mommy spoil you. what happens when she dies? She won’t be there anymore to spoil you

  • Aj
    Aj 2 days ago

    When she got down and started laying on the floor I was like wait how does she know how to do that I thought they paid people to do that for her 😭🤣🤣😂

  • Priti K
    Priti K 3 days ago

    give her that car for a month. one day isnt going to make her realise anything

  • GEMJ M
    GEMJ M 4 days ago

    Dr.phil failed.....

  • Alice Burton
    Alice Burton 4 days ago

    Dr.Phil has left the chat

  • Melanie Sanchez
    Melanie Sanchez 4 days ago

    I really like the fact that she is trying to show her how the real world works but she's still doing it in a very minimal way. I can't even afford a 500 down payment on a car haha so I think the mom is giving her advice the best she can

  • zolanu rpi
    zolanu rpi 4 days ago

    like mother like daughter..yukk

  • Instavlogster 17
    Instavlogster 17 4 days ago

    The mother really kills me .......I see where she gets her personality from ........and it’s not cute at all ....

  • Instavlogster 17
    Instavlogster 17 4 days ago

    I already knew the dr Phil show wasn’t going to change the mother .....she more like her best friend........

  • Killer_hapy Gameplay

    Bart petrol I’m here to say your under a rest for breaking all the rules of being a non human being these ac is being teremated