• Published on:  9/14/2018
  • My mom took away my G Wagon and made me drive around Beverly Hills in and old beat up car!


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  • Bayley Lynne (Sep 15, 2018)

    I didn’t think she was a brat anymore, then I Watched this video.

  • Hailey Casale (Jan 21, 2019)

    I don’t really care but who doesn’t blure the license plate

  • Dr. Phil really has to stop disabling the comment section.

  • Virtually Me (Feb 2, 2019)

    +Polka Dot :)))

  • Polka Dot (Feb 2, 2019)

    Virtually Me that’s funny 😂

  • snappity snappleee (Jan 1, 2019)

    because of her mothers attitude about the car, I can see where Nicolette got it from...

  • JayMarshmellowz (Feb 3, 2019)

    Her mom was laughing because she was imagining Nicolettes reaction to having to drive the car. I dont think she was laughing at the car itself.

  • Taylor S (Dec 29, 2018)

    My car is a 98 ford escort, rusty, hail damage, roll up windows, no cooling. I love my car I paid for it all by myself and it runs well! I hope people don’t make fun of my car that I’m so proud of.

  • Colin Cummings (3 days ago)

    +Trash Can your name is literally trash can idiot

  • Colin Cummings (3 days ago)

    +Trash Can at least the car doesn't look like you

  • James N Brenda (Nov 18, 2018)

    Shame on you dr mom!!! She is a “mini-YOU”!! You BORROWED a car from a real person that this vehicle IS their car!! AND you make fun of that persons car!! How dare you mom!! You are not a good example!

  • Marija Ilic (4 days ago)

    She was making fun of duct-taped front,not the whole car

  • Krystal Leboeuf (Feb 10, 2019)

    James N Brenda this is really true though

  • lilkiddy69 Xxx (Sep 14, 2018)

    ninas reaction to the car was my reaction to my replacement

  • Rainbow 21 (Jan 31, 2019)

    Don't sweat the small stuff. You cared enough to reply.

  • Selena Strate (Nov 29, 2018)


  • Leo Lee (Nov 14, 2018)

    "No blind spot censor", turn your head, that's how normal people drive.

  • Nina 88 (2 days ago)

    She had to do it in her driving test anyways, right?

  • Nina 88 (2 days ago)


  • Noe Rodriguez (Nov 18, 2018)

    To be honest if you can't drive well why get an expensive car.

  • Jeanne Vacca (Feb 10, 2019)

    I agree

  • Nina 88 (Jan 29, 2019)

    Yeah because teen are less experienced and they are likely to get the car damaged

  • Hannah Barton (Jan 5, 2019)

    Why did she say ‘Chanel heels’ when she said she said she was gonna fall over why not just ‘heels’

  • Sara Fester (Feb 11, 2019)

    Virtually Me They were actually born into money so they’re not white trash that came into money

  • Tuleen Al-khaled (Feb 2, 2019)

    Maybe because it’s more expensive then a regular pair of heels so if she were to ruin them it would be worse than just any other heel

  • Queenbee Corren (Nov 12, 2018)

    The mom is no better than her daughter. She’s just as shallow. No wonder her daughter is like that. Omg. The way the mom was laughing and going on about the old car, disgusted me.

  • SunFlowers Squad (Feb 11, 2019)

    She laughed about the fact Nicolette had to drive the car

  • Stef Stef (Feb 7, 2019)

    It’s not that srs. I thought it was pretty hilarious cus it literally has duct tape lmfao