Iron Fist hits the street! Iceman is ready to chill! Marvel’s Spider-Man is HERE! | Marvel Minute

  • Published on:  9/10/2018
  • This week on Marvel Minute: Iron Fist is hitting the streets! Iceman is ready to chill! And Marvel’s Spider-Man is FINALLY HERE!
    All that and more from around the Marvel Universe in a quick 60 seconds!

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  • Robertsun Robert
    Robertsun Robert 2 months ago

    MvC:I season 2

  • my Custom Heroes
    my Custom Heroes 2 months ago


  • Dan
    Dan 2 months ago

    Spider-man ps4 is amazing, if it ever did come to Xbox one, I would undoubtedly double dip and even triple dip if it came to switch

    DR.J REVIEWS 2 months ago


  • Romanaa Art
    Romanaa Art 2 months ago


  • Sagar Bare
    Sagar Bare 2 months ago


  • SgtSupaman
    SgtSupaman 2 months ago+1

    Bummer, I thought since this video was talking about Iron Fist that it was talking about some kind of Iceman show as well. Not that Iceman deserves his own show in any way, but I was really interested to see if X-Men were finally joining the MCU...

  • Luny & Milky
    Luny & Milky 2 months ago+1

    Excited by this new fast paced season of iron Fist :)

  • Ben Hardin
    Ben Hardin 2 months ago

    Spider-Cop, Spider-Cop, does whatever a Spider-Cop does. Can he file some reports? Yes he should, but he won't. Look out, here comes Spider-Cop!

  • ɓʆσɓ ɓմddy
    ɓʆσɓ ɓմddy 3 months ago

    Anyone remember fire star in Spiderman and his amazing friends?

  • Zukai Pureex
    Zukai Pureex 3 months ago+1


  • Narutoo Uzum
    Narutoo Uzum 3 months ago

    Revive the character moon knight already and make a Netflix serie of it ... Or a movie , he is an Avenger but you never speak of him and I feel like you won't

  • Even Hartwick
    Even Hartwick 3 months ago+6

    Cant beleive they actually brought Iceman back and with the same creative team that made it flop to begin with great job Marvel i give it another 12 issues before it gets canceled

  • Petru Petrisor
    Petru Petrisor 3 months ago

    Very cool! 👍

  • Shivansh Choudhary
    Shivansh Choudhary 3 months ago

    Can you like my comment?

  • Kisha T
    Kisha T 3 months ago

    I wish Spiderman was on xbox cos I have Xbox not ps4

  • AmeerM712 •
    AmeerM712 • 3 months ago

    Please add spider man stickers on android as well

  • J.R
    J.R 3 months ago

    Am i the only one who realised ep 10 was the last episode of iron fist and then got sad because you thought u had 3 more episode to go

  • Hariom Singhal
    Hariom Singhal 3 months ago+1

    Marvel made a shit of iron fist
    Like hulk

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