Los Angeles Lakers Full Team Highlights 2019.02.07 vs Celtics - EPiC 129 Pts! | FreeDawkins

  • Published on:  2/7/2019
  • February 7, 2019 | Los Angeles Lakers Full Team Highlights 2019.02.07 vs Celtics - EPiC 129 Pts! FreeDawkins - NBA Video'#DawkinsLAKERS--Like And Subscribe For More!Follow me on Twitter - https://twitter.com/DawkinsMTA#Dawkins2019February7DISCLAIMER - All clips property of the NBA. No copyright infringement is intended, all videos are edited to follow the "Free Use" guideline of YouTube.____


  • Angelo
    Angelo 6 months ago+371

    this game was everything you'd hope to see in a basketball game!

  • Mar Eastwood
    Mar Eastwood 6 months ago+245

    That last shot by KCP was tough

  • Amzki
    Amzki 6 months ago+119

    This might be game of the year

  • Cedric Essono
    Cedric Essono 6 months ago+87

    How can you expect to win when Rondo makes stepback three pointers?

  • not4long
    not4long 6 months ago+115

    This year has been stressful but man do i love My Lakers

  • Master2sick2thousand26
    Master2sick2thousand26 6 months ago+117

    Rondo the Celtic Killer. ☘🗡⚔⚰

  • Kelvin Jones
    Kelvin Jones 6 months ago+82

    season changing game?!

  • King Wani
    King Wani 6 months ago+77

    Lebron owning the celshits as usual

  • the award winning sports channel

    The lakers will make the playoffs

  • Jeevraj
    Jeevraj 6 months ago+32

    Lakers drop down 22 threes

  • David Muller
    David Muller 6 months ago+27

    This game was incredible

  • Jorductions
    Jorductions 6 months ago+79

    Ingram took it in mad soft on that last play.

  • Shittsy Giggle
    Shittsy Giggle 6 months ago+32

    11:45 bron telling smart to come here?

  • Ixee the 13th
    Ixee the 13th 6 months ago+111

    Lakers will go on a winning streak after this don't @ me.

  • Aaron Cisneros
    Aaron Cisneros 6 months ago+17

    Anyone else excited about the CP3 Rondo rematch later this month??

  • M G
    M G 6 months ago+12

    That was so important to Lakers season. what an irony, legendary Celtics player maybe saved the Lakers season, Rondo is beast in important games.
    This guy LeGoat murdering My Celtics for years :(

  • Last Trip.
    Last Trip. 6 months ago+6

    Rondo making step back threes wtf is going on here.

  • GoRaidersLakersAndDodgers

    I didn't watch this game, because I was to damn tired, and of course this happens

  • Satyendra Yadav
    Satyendra Yadav 6 months ago+29

    Pelicans now cry on your fate. You'll get nothing this season and even next season celtics won't deal with you because Anthony ain't gonna sign long term deal. In the end you'll have to trade AD for some bunch of dudes.

  • NiranjanM
    NiranjanM 6 months ago+5

    Kuzma ties, then Lebron and then Rondo with the game winner godamn