Top 10 Most Extreme And Awesome First Singing Auditions Ever !

  • Published on:  6/5/2016
  • This a Top 10 of awesome ! and extreme singers in the first audition ¡¡

    I do not own any of this videos i only unify all the videos in one piece, Hope you like it ¡¡
    The names of the awsome singers ¡¡
    10.-Willie Jones/ X Factor
    9.- Leanne Jarvis/ The Voice
    8.- Louisa Jhonson/X Factor
    7.- Jack Vidgen/Australia's Got Talent
    6.- Stacy Francis/ X Factor
    5.- Andrew De Leon/America's Got Talent
    4.- Amira Willighagen/Holland's Got Talent
    3.- Laura Bretan/America's Got Talent
    2.- Jackie Evancho/America's Got Talent
    1.- Cristina Ramos/Spain's Got Talent