Marvel’s Spider-Man Action Sequence Breakdown

  • Published on:  8/28/2018
  • Go behind the action of #SpiderManPS4, only on @PlayStation, with some of the creative minds of the game! #ad► Subscribe to Marvel: Marvel on Twitter: Marvel on FaceBook: even more news, stay tuned to:Tumblr:


  • Thomas Casillo
    Thomas Casillo 11 months ago+789

    One more week. Who's hyped?😀

  • LightS4bre
    LightS4bre 11 months ago+274

    My God.. the seamless integration of the work of the Writers, VFX artists, stunt people, actors, directors, coordinators.. i feel like im looking at the set of a Marvel movie...this thing feels like Marvel. I hope Insomniac/Sony/Marvel are proud of themselves.. this thing looks and feels like SPIDERMAN.. its coming through and my mind is blown !

  • j Taylor
    j Taylor 11 months ago+115

    I did not know Josh Keaton was Electro!!!

  • Swaz Pro
    Swaz Pro 11 months ago+242

    So excited and marvel will be still alive for us😘😘😘😘😂😂

  • Youlo King
    Youlo King 11 months ago+42

    Batman : It's your time now
    Spiderman : oh yeah thanks Mr. batman

  • Ahan Bhalla
    Ahan Bhalla 11 months ago+140

    I feel bad for all the people at insomniac that have to face shit for no reason. Videos like these show just how happy they are to be working on this game with this character and it's sad to see the treatment theyre getting on Twitter and reddit..

  • Dota Game
    Dota Game 11 months ago+135

    who left his video for this one?

  • Δημητρης Παυλακης

    Can't wait... just patience for 8 days!!!

  • Alex Renteria
    Alex Renteria 11 months ago+52

    I'm ready for next friday

  • Andy Larsen
    Andy Larsen 11 months ago+77

    I hate how everyone is pissed josh heaton isnt the voice of spiderman. Yuri lowenthall is doing a fantastic job, and everyone who thinks otherwise doesnt deserve the game. Insomniac chose yuri to voice peter, josh did a fantastic job in his previous workings. But yuri is doing great and isnt getting nearly enough credit he deserves. 1 week and 1 day, im so excited, keep the hype train flowing.

  • XenoKing2000
    XenoKing2000 11 months ago+26

    1:43 oh hi Josh Keaton, wish you were voicing spiderman, but the other guy is still good

  • George Tinoco
    George Tinoco 11 months ago+38

    I Preorder the hell out of this game

  • Teshigi Smith
    Teshigi Smith 11 months ago+56

    "Unless you're invested in this character and what they're trying to do, it doesn't mean much" truer words have never been spoken until now. This right here is very crucial to any good story telling but especially when creating anything action driven. Let's take movies in this case, my roommate at college and I both stayed up way later then we should have most nights talking about movies and ones we liked and disliked and being respectful of each other's opinions but not being afraid to disagree if we felt otherwise. I'll openly say that I like pretty much all the Michael Bay Transformers movies. They're just fun action packed movies. A lot of people though, dislike them because they feel as if there is nothing BUT action. Like there's no substance, no story telling, no quiet moments. I completely understand this, but to me those movies are all about the action. It's about turning your brain off and not looking for an amazing narrative and just appreciating the visual spectacle of what's going on. My roommate though, made a damn good comparison when he compared the first team fight in the first Avengers film where they all come together, and compared that to any one of the hundreds of action sequences in the Transformers movies, and he believed that that one scene in the Avengers was better then anything from the Transformers movies just because of the cinematography and the hype that had built up to that point from the story telling that came before it and I couldn't have agreed more. I think what this guy just said is very indicative of what my roommate said. Bravo. That man gets it.

  • Trinell Jones
    Trinell Jones 11 months ago+35

    I like Yuri Lowenthal as Spider-Man but I still wish they went with Josh Keaton as the voice

  • Armeezy Official
    Armeezy Official 11 months ago+14

    All the hard work Insamonic put into this quality spiderman game will definally pay off this is going to be there biggest game they've ever done

  • Jason Vo
    Jason Vo 11 months ago+37

    I’m so excited!!

  • The Meme Guy
    The Meme Guy 11 months ago+37

    Say bye-bye Arkham City we have a new king for best superhero game.

  • J-Breezy 0819
    J-Breezy 0819 11 months ago+12

    Just take my money

  • Velin Caroline Hua
    Velin Caroline Hua 11 months ago+14

    Yashh!!! I love the Action Management Skill & Addictive Adventure with Spidey Style. the Atmosphere of this Game Somehow Make Me so Exited & Climax 😀😀😀

  • Arachnid Comics
    Arachnid Comics 11 months ago+5

    I left this video,having learned a new thing about fight scenes and the stories behind them that can make them compelling.
    Makes me want to do something like that. =D