• Published on:  9/14/2018
  • Wolverine is about to embark on his darkest story yet…with master storytellers at the helm! This September, Death of Wolverine’s Charles Soule and Steve McNiven, along with creative partners Declan Shalvey and Laura Martin, will bring you RETURN OF WOLVERINE!

    Marvel is proud to present this behind-the-scenes look at RETURN OF WOLVERINE #1, featuring Soule, editor Jordan D. White, and Editor-in-Chief C.B. Cebulski!

    “The book starts in hell – not literally hell but a place that’s going to feel kind of like that, and then Wolverine is going to begin a journey to get himself out of hell,” says Soule.

    “On page one of this book, things change for Logan a little bit,” teases White. “We join him in a pretty dark place.”

    Don’t miss RETURN OF WOLVERINE #1, on sale September 19th in comic shops, on the Marvel Comics App, and on!
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  • Rusty Robot
    Rusty Robot 10 days ago

    "dead is dead" You could microwave a frozen
    burrito using the time these people stay dead if you used months as minutes.

  • Gaming legend
    Gaming legend 11 days ago+1

    Bring him back

  • 65 6c 69 74 65 68 61 63 6b 65 72

    When Wolverine returns, make sure his claws and skeleton are bonded with Vibranium instead of Adamantium this time around. Make a Wolverine armor that covers his entire body that's made of the same Vibranium mesh as Black panther. lol

  • Ghani khan World
    Ghani khan World 1 months ago

    Still waiting for wolverine return

  • Ryan Edwards
    Ryan Edwards 2 months ago

    "Dead is dead, unless..." Nah. Dead is dead unless it's a comic book character.

  • Roger Camero
    Roger Camero 2 months ago


  • wolf gamers
    wolf gamers 2 months ago+1

    I don't think bringing back a character this good without a good comeback or some time passed the death of it is a good idea

  • Zhar Borneo
    Zhar Borneo 2 months ago

    Can u make Trailer Infinity and Enternity???

    Will DROIDGAMES 2 months ago

    A Propósito já ia me esquecendo de um detalhe (FODASSE DIRETOR ASSASSINO DE HERÓIS) agora sim👊 😊👍

    Will DROIDGAMES 2 months ago

    Wolverine jamais poderia morrer pois suas células se regeneram em uma velocidade muito maior doque morrem, oque aconteceu no filme o envelhecimento d Logan não tem lógica alguma pois isso é impossível acontecer com as células desse tipo de mutação, ou seja o diretor do filme foi quem matou o Wolverine e não a lógica das histórias em quadrinhos

    KAB LAMMATS 2 months ago

    Manga > Comic

  • mike johnson
    mike johnson 2 months ago

    Money time ... that what it is

  • Turbo Jell-O'Z
    Turbo Jell-O'Z 2 months ago

    Ok👌 we have 3 Wolverines. Wanna try and... Get rid of the others?

  • yonomixatu
    yonomixatu 2 months ago

    .-. So he's been dead for how many years you telling me he ate himself to survive?

  • DauxzoGaming
    DauxzoGaming 2 months ago

    everytime i see wolverine the in comics i kept thinking of hugh jackman. i wish he never gonna stop playing wolverine tho

  • Danyal Elia
    Danyal Elia 2 months ago

    Annnddd he's back again ..... Don't kill him in the first place if you dont want him dead for good.

  • Liam Byrne
    Liam Byrne 2 months ago

    Get rid of the heated claws. Awful awful idea.

  • FalseAptitude
    FalseAptitude 2 months ago

    Logan is the only good Wolverine movie.

  • Indigo Dragon71
    Indigo Dragon71 2 months ago

    The metal covering Logan's bones has absorbed energy over the year's that has acted like radioactive material that taxed his healing factor. Logan needed to siphon off or release all that absorbed energy and his healing factor would kick back in abd make him young again.

  • Kirán KK
    Kirán KK 2 months ago

    Will Hugh Jackman comeback?? Handsup guys who all r waiting for that to happen!!