• Published on:  9/14/2018
  • Wolverine is about to embark on his darkest story yet…with master storytellers at the helm! This September, Death of Wolverine’s Charles Soule and Steve McNiven, along with creative partners Declan Shalvey and Laura Martin, will bring you RETURN OF WOLVERINE!Marvel is proud to present this behind-the-scenes look at RETURN OF WOLVERINE #1, featuring Soule, editor Jordan D. White, and Editor-in-Chief C.B. Cebulski!“The book starts in hell – not literally hell but a place that’s going to feel kind of like that, and then Wolverine is going to begin a journey to get himself out of hell,” says Soule.“On page one of this book, things change for Logan a little bit,” teases White. “We join him in a pretty dark place.”Don’t miss RETURN OF WOLVERINE #1, on sale September 19th in comic shops, on the Marvel Comics App, and on!To find a comic shop near you, visit or call 1-888-comicbook ► Subscribe to Marvel: Marvel on Twitter: Marvel on FaceBook: even more news, stay tuned to:Tumblr:


  • Knight Warrior 9 months ago

    The stakes have never been higher yet they can't get any lower......Marvel Comics 2018 everybody.

  • Code Alex 8 months ago

    man you could build a house with that many nails hit on the head

  • John 3:16 9 months ago

    Dc comics 2018 everyone

  • PHXNTXM 9 months ago

    After Marvel’s Spider-Man, I just want a legitimately, good quality Wolverine game. Or, even better, a good X-Men game. Make it happen Marvel!

  • PickedCeasar121 9 months ago

    The Commander what's wrong with the second one. It was better in a lot of ways. Though took away some things that should be added in a sequel/spiritual successor

  • PickedCeasar121 9 months ago

    Justin Conn if a game takes 6 days to beat it's not too short especially since it's a superhero game. How long did Spiderman 2 take you?

  • Feed Your Mind 9 months ago

    So basically...marvel killed all the characters that they didn't own. Now they own them again, so they're bringing them back!! 😁

  • DeeJay15 9 months ago


  • FranLou Suzuki 9 months ago

    They die in another universe and marvel owns them the hell youre talking about they didn't own themFeed your own mind

  • Excited Cat 9 months ago

    0:59We say dead is dead Unless... they're a popular character!

  • J.T Mog 8 months ago

    That's what Deadpool said😂

  • Vincent Macmanus 9 months ago

    So, in other words, Laura taking over as Wolverine hasn't been selling books.

  • ObfuscateMoon 9 months ago

    "When the fans speak, we listen." Hahahahahahahahaha, yeah, no. No, you don't.

  • Pinball Wizard 9 months ago

    They are resurrecting him ONLY because Disney bought Fox and the CEO said the X men are heading to the MCU.

  • Gaming Moments 9 months ago

    I thought this was gonna be an animated trailer 😂

  • Darth Desec 9 months ago


  • ZChan Singha 9 months ago

    Exactly Who does a trailer launch for comics?

  • nii aryeetey 9 months ago

    Hugh Jackman.....sorry we can't let you have to play this before you retire

  • KillerTacos 9 months ago

    “The expectations can’t be higher but at the same time, they can’t be lower, because they’re dead” ~ literally marvel right now

  • Demenace 9 months ago

    One day it shall be in the MCU.

  • MR FREEZE-98 8 months ago

    No hopefully not lol they would ruin him

  • HenriqueRJchiki 9 months ago

    Draz'Gul How is he not replaceable? Hugh might be a good actor but he has nothing to do with wolverine, even the directors knew that. He is supposed to be very short and buff... LIKE A WOLVERINE. Not tall.

  • MrLonely Reviews 9 months ago

    "Now, we always say 'Dead is Dead'-" Ha...Hahaha....HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! DEAD IS DE-HAHAHAHA-