FASHION PHOTO RUVIEW: Season 7 Queens with Violet Chachki & Katya!

  • Published on:  9/15/2018
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  • Ira Alifia 9 months ago

    Sometimes I forget that Violet and Katya were on the same season

  • hi i 1 months ago

    She didn't use tatoos

  • Smurfette101 5 months ago

    Yeah because they are so individually iconic. Much like many of the queens on their season

  • viariane 4 months ago

    Seeing katyas tattoos makes me realize how much she wears long sleeves

  • pnut bro 15 days ago

    She have them after her rehab or somewhere before I think

  • hi i 1 months ago

    She didn't wear tattoos

  • Nick C 9 months ago

    Katya is an unstable radioisotope, no matter who she’s with there’s gonna be chemistry.

  • sun 25 days ago

    @Joshua Santos she read books

  • Gogglezzz989 4 months ago

    Drag and chemistry.....YASSS!

  • Violet on Trixie "honestly FOR HER this is a fierce look" 😂😂😂😂 #shade

  • Trevin Hughes 22 days ago

    "For her" isn't Violet being shady. It's actually because many queens couldn't pull of that look and it is a look that fits Trixie's brand and style. It's a compliment really; Violet knows many queens wouldn't look good in it, but it works for Trixie.

  • Notthefather 1 months ago


  • i. a. 9 months ago

    Violet is a completely different person around Katya, I love her laugh so much. God let this collab never end

  • Ruth Ruthie 6 months ago

    You don’t know her lol.

  • i. a. 8 months ago

    To clarify for all the smart asses around here = I met Violet. I know she's sweet and goofy irl, she's one of the nicest queens I had the fortune to talk to. I obviously didn't mean she was /literally/ completely different when she's around Katya - it was more of a nod towards their chemistry and Katya's contagious energy. Chill tf out 😂

  • Cassidy Billet 6 months ago

    Season 7 may have been a *yawn* season to some, but honestly it’s catapulted some of the most famous queens in the mainstream right now

  • Soaribb 14 days ago

    Blonde and white?

  • Meowing Flowers 17 days ago

    Gab Sénéchal Naomi and Bob the drag queen have over 1 million followers, Thorgy Thor almost has 1 mil and Kim Chi almost has 2 million followes

  • angie manson 9 months ago

    Its so great seeing Katya talk without being interrupted

  • Adrian D 17 days ago


  • Magic Angelz 9 months ago

    Watching Pearls looks lately makes me furious she was banned from All Stars!

  • Vicky Mills 13 days ago

    Also her comedy un her YouTube videos

  • Voyageur 1 months ago

    Too cocky with RU

  • Jack McKane 9 months ago

    Katya is the child of Satan and Michelle Pfeiffer

  • Fancy Pants 9 months ago

    Omg! Yesssss! So true!

  • vlad kravchenko 9 months ago

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  • alx64gr 9 months ago

    Pearl is definitely a SHOOT,

  • killa 4 months ago


  • SCREAMOguy413 7 months ago