• Published on:  2/27/2019
  • gayo 3


  • moment S
    moment S 5 months ago+24

    They are simply --- beautiful💜💜💜💜😊😊😊😊

  • sb
    sb 3 months ago+24

    they're just not used to hearing jimin that way, but it was actually super convincing?? im scared of him now

  • Sopheak Vann
    Sopheak Vann 1 months ago+12

    3:49 Jhope looks like an angel 😊
    Wait he is an angel tho 💜

  • Gacha Rey
    Gacha Rey 2 months ago+14

    "Other's pain is my pleasure" mine too

  • 《 minnie 》
    《 minnie 》 2 months ago+10

    jungkooks crying makes me cry T-T

  • peyton madeleine
    peyton madeleine 2 months ago+9

    even tho it was just acting. it still hurt me to see jungkookie cry😭

  • Gacha Rey
    Gacha Rey 2 months ago+6

    Lmao he kicked his but litterly😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • lynlovescake
    lynlovescake 2 months ago+6

    Lol poor jhope he prolly had a tae shaped bruised on his butt

  • Beautyloveyt
    Beautyloveyt 21 days ago+4

    Which episode is THIS

  • sweet sweety
    sweet sweety 7 days ago+1

    Did you notice something when tae and J hope finished their turn and tae go to jk for hifive jk was forcfully hifive him even they behave odd afterwards .. maybe am wrong

  • Becky Susan
    Becky Susan 1 months ago+4

    so funny 😹

  • Aoko GachaLife
    Aoko GachaLife 7 days ago+1

    What is the song with Jin and Jimin

  • Queen Centoria
    Queen Centoria 2 months ago+3