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  • Published on:  8/3/2018
  • See Disney's Christopher Robin in theatres now. In the heartwarming live action adventure Disney’s “Christopher Robin,” the young boy who shared countless adventures with his band of lovable stuffed animals in the Hundred Acre Wood is now grown up and living in London but he has lost his way. Now it is up to his childhood friends to venture into our world and help Christopher Robin rediscover the joys of family life, the value of friendship and to appreciate the simple pleasures in life once again.Disney’s “Christopher Robin” is directed by Marc Forster from a screenplay by Alex Ross Perry and Allison Schroeder and a story by Perry based on characters created by A.A. Milne and E.H. Shepard. The producers are Brigham Taylor and Kristin Burr with Renée Wolfe and Jeremy Johns serving as executive producers. The film stars Ewan McGregor as Christopher Robin; Hayley Atwell as his wife Evelyn; Bronte Carmichael as his daughter Madeline; and Mark Gatiss as Giles Winslow, Robin’s boss. The film also features the voices of: Jim Cummings as Winnie the Pooh and Tigger; Brad Garrett as Eeyore; Toby Jones as Owl; Nick Mohammed as Piglet; Peter Capaldi as Rabbit; and Sophie Okonedo as Kanga.Facebook: #ChristopherRobin


    TMNT FAN a years ago+55

    This movie moved me and brought me to tears! I grew up with Winnie The Pooh and now that I’m 18, it’s perfect!!! Thank you Disney for making this my favorite movie ever!

  • Chandra Au
    Chandra Au a years ago+25

    Saw this last night. Absolutely heart warming and delightful! I will be seeing it many more times! If you see it, bring tissue you will need it!

  • Souup145
    Souup145 a years ago+12

    Seems they finally did the anime some justice.

  • Sez Francis
    Sez Francis a years ago+57

    Aww, this trailer had me in tears. I love how the trailer used the classic tune! Unfortunately, I have to wait till August 17th to see it as I live in the UK, but I'm really excited for the film. I've been waiting for months for this. 🙂✨

  • Carlos Duran
    Carlos Duran a years ago+10

    I just saw this movie last and it’s my mew favorite movie

  • Seb Sandford
    Seb Sandford a years ago+115

    I can’t wait to watch it!!!

  • Teresa Rodriguez
    Teresa Rodriguez a years ago+6

    Tell me why do they all look like they left them in the dryer for too long on HIGH HEAT 😂😂😂

  • Avery the Cuban-American
    Avery the Cuban-American a years ago+23

    Can't wait to see this tomorrow! Super excited to reminisce my childhood.

  • Jaiw Jaiw
    Jaiw Jaiw a years ago+9

    Yesterday I watched the movie. Impressed.😍

  • Herodotus Techne
    Herodotus Techne a years ago+3

    Man, this was a great movie... brought back many memories

  • KeepOnDreamingDude
    KeepOnDreamingDude a years ago+106

    Winnie dies in infinity war

  • Noah Robinson
    Noah Robinson a years ago+5

    Why did I think the thumbnail was a taxidermied ted...

  • Luke Green
    Luke Green a years ago+3

    0:09 It's James Bond 007 Harry Potter Back To The Future And Star Wars Meets The Muppets Sesame Street The Avengers And Star Trek All Rolled Into One. Thanks Mate. X

  • JJVon
    JJVon a years ago+2

    Saw this yesterday and it honestly was amazing!!

  • amber moin
    amber moin a years ago+3

    I just watched it, it was such a cute movie! I also really want a pooh of my own now.

  • ronin samurai
    ronin samurai a years ago+3

    Man i feel like a kid again just listening to pooh talk

  • Just Call Me Jeff
    Just Call Me Jeff a years ago +4

    I watched it yesterday and I loved it. It was like being a little kid again feeling that Disney magic. I can't remember the last time I smiled while watching a film. I even did my own personal standing ovation, which probably ended up looking weird but I really don't care. I would recommend this movie to anyone who grew up watching Winnie the Pooh. ❤

  • Bunny caring hoots
    Bunny caring hoots a years ago+3

    Best movie ever I want to see it again

  • Animal Artist68 Art World

    I am going to go see this movie on Sunday night! ☺ my childhood movies! 🙂😊

  • Krystal Aryanna
    Krystal Aryanna a years ago+2

    I watch the movie and is so worth to see it; I been a huge pooh fan since little (I'm still am) and to see him in real life it's just to much of happiness, I cry like a hundred times in the movie it's just simply amazing every scene, moment and the characters; that's why I want to say thanks to all the people who made this movie possible you guys made my silly old bear even more charming 🐻🍯