CES 2019 - NVidia Live Stream - Watch with Tech & Rogue

  • Published on:  1/6/2019
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  • Bridgest_pl 5 months ago

    1:05:31 rtx 2060 presentation

  • Cyborg 6 5 months ago


  • Valorien Comp 5 months ago

    ty ...raytracing alll day... boring

  • Kenneth Rivera 5 months ago


  • Man Spider 5 months ago

    Nvidia is just competing with itself in the higher end and people demand it a lot. It's simple supply and demand lol.

  • J D 5 months ago

    TwoBrothers jealous

  • Adam Nelson 5 months ago

    I think Jensen needs a new jacket, one that is ray traced

  • Dm TD 5 months ago

    my jacket Just Works

  • Fern Savo 5 months ago

    349.99 ehhh i guess, where is navi or vega 2 to make my final decision.

  • HonkMcHonkler 5 months ago

    2 more days to go.

  • bob17678 5 months ago

    Just wait till Navi...

  • JoshTheWise 5 months ago

    All taken with a grain of salt. Remember: they hyped the same thing about Vega, which turned to be a letdown.

  • Marko 5 months ago

    people talk like AMD don't know how to make GPUs lol... kids... they've had a crap run, it happens, they've historically made some of the best GPUs and have way more than once had the top spot... Lisa will get them there, she inherited Vega and the reasons why that failed are public knowledge at this stage. Navi, 7nm, full development cycle under Lisa, you wait kids... give them a year trust me...

  • vertigoz 5 months ago

    "don't give it to Linus" xD

  • qpaoziwu 5 months ago

    tldr: first hour: recapping rtx features and graphs,gsync updates, arnold supportsecond hour: 2060 >= 1070ti and USD350 with 2games bundle, releasing Jan15thalso claiming bf5 dlss performance has upgraded by better drivers

  • Jaggsta 5 months ago

    only good part was gsync update now you can get acer xfa240 is $199 monitor on amazon.

  • Mækkel Montages 5 months ago

    It is a 1070 Ti with 5 Gigarays for 349$

  • LightNessITA 5 months ago

    well, it cost less than a 1070 ti so go for it lmao

  • Joking Limit Reached 5 months ago

    Yup. Incredible, I would say

  • ppyromaniac 5 months ago

    Is the 2060 suppose to be their low end model compared to the 2070 and 2080? 2080 ti in Canada MSRP is $1860 what’s the MSRP for 2060?

  • Shubham Narula 5 months ago

    I dont think it will be under $500. I am still thinking what to do. I got a gtx 1070 in Canada for 450 with taxes, dont know if I should return or keep lol

  • drekceldude 5 months ago

    Tech mentioned around 50 minutes in,does this make the game better,fun,more playable,think thats upto the games developer to make games fun,more playable just like its always been from openGL and when the first GPU`s came available in the mid 90`s.Think this will be a big deal for VR,to give realism a big boost,the things we take for granted when we look as something will give VR that feel,once this technology becomes the standard.