Brad Stevens needs to do what Jeff Van Gundy did when I was with Rockets - Tracy McGrady | The Jump

  • Published on:  2/11/2019
  • Rachel Nichols and Tracy McGrady of The Jump react to Marcus Morris' comments made about the state of the Boston Celtics, and discuss what Brad Stevens must do to unlock Kyrie Irving, Jayson Tatum, Jaylen Brown, Al Horford, Gordon Hayward, Marcus Smart & Co. as they attempt to reach the 2019 NBA Finals. McGrady says Stevens needs to do what Jeff Van Gundy did when JVG and T-Mac were on the Houston Rockets, telling each player his individual role.✔ Subscribe to ESPN on YouTube:✔ Subscribe to ESPN FC on YouTube:✔ Subscribe to NBA on ESPN on YouTube:✔ Watch ESPN on YouTube TV: on Social Media:► Follow on Twitter:► Like on Facebook:► Follow on Instagram: ESPN on YouTube to get up-to-the-minute sports news coverage, scores, highlights and commentary for NFL, NHL, MLB, NBA, College Football, NCAA Basketball, soccer and more. More on


  • Frank Medina
    Frank Medina 6 months ago+317

    Rachel Nichols looking like the Riddler from batman.

  • 313gwar
    313gwar 6 months ago+122

    Rachel looking like Perfect Cell

  • HCM 619
    HCM 619 6 months ago+188

    Celtics young players want to be the stars they need to check their egos and fall in line. Stevens needs to do that and explain their roles like T-Mac said.

  • fake Refund HD aka KP, wildlion423

    Marcus moriss is lowkey the leader of this team

  • Salvadore Andretti
    Salvadore Andretti 6 months ago+42

    Morris brother please stay ten toes down bro appreciate you this year

  • The Grind TV
    The Grind TV 6 months ago +48

    The east is a different animal now lol, I don’t see boston making it to the ECF

  • JLO
    JLO 6 months ago+89

    I keep tryna tell ppl it’s not kyrie , it’s brad and Hayward . Nobody on this team has a role and they have too many players that do the same thing . Plus Hayward took away the synergy they had when he came back and brown and rozier and Tatum are taking the hit from his return .

  • Jay Johnson
    Jay Johnson 6 months ago+118

    Rachel looks like poison ivy

  • Jay Kelly
    Jay Kelly 6 months ago+33

    I love ESPN’s new host Rachel ‘Ya won’t be touching me lucky charms’ Nichols

  • Solmom03
    Solmom03 6 months ago+28

    If Rachel don’t look like a leprechaun today!
    Oh yeah and Tracy is right!

  • DracariaEntertainment
    DracariaEntertainment 6 months ago+55

    Jeff van gundy needs to be a coach again. Magic should hire him. Or mark jackson

  • 10 9 8 76ers
    10 9 8 76ers 6 months ago+125

    Remember when people were saying he was better then popovich?

  • MEfoo
    MEfoo 6 months ago+15

    Damn T-Mac is a mind reader!! Thats exactly what i was thinking

    ATUiLOL 6 months ago+7

    Brad Stevens is the problem. He is playing favorites with his boy Hayward. How many times is Stevens going to sit on his ass and watch Celtics shoot themselves out of games? Celtics are like dead last in FT attempts per game, the coaching philosophy is flawed, too many 3 point shots by non shooters!!

  • Rashad Cotton
    Rashad Cotton 6 months ago+6

    Rachel looking like poison riddler 😂😂😂😂😂......... see what I did there

  • Adam K
    Adam K 6 months ago+27

    rachel sooooo fine today as usual

  • don brassco
    don brassco 6 months ago+1

    T.G right👏# Pop would bench the 5 for the back up's until they learn😐

  • MusicKnowledge1
    MusicKnowledge1 6 months ago+2

    I dont think these guys like playing with Kyrie at all i think hes going for sure
    bring back IT

  • RodneyWatson 247
    RodneyWatson 247 6 months ago+1

    Marcus understands 'Philly' tough.

  • NFA
    NFA 6 months ago+1

    The media hyped up Tatum and Brown and they’re the main ones tryna challenge Kyrie for the top spot