Build Swimming Pool Underground Butterfly-Part 1



  • CorruptedUser
    CorruptedUser a years ago+1846

    With all the pools they've built so far, they could open a water park.

  • Notexprethif
    Notexprethif 10 months ago+265

    Pretty Sure Theyre Camera Is made out of Dirt and bamboo

  • Stephanie Gutierrez
    Stephanie Gutierrez 9 months ago+147

    Imagine walking into the forest and just seeing hundreds of pools.

  • Olivia __chan
    Olivia __chan yesterday+1

    Can you build a pool for me please

  • Данило 22
    Данило 22 11 months ago+209

    Where is that jungle ? Because it have a lot of pools

  • GGB 0407
    GGB 0407 a years ago+522

    Who else wants to go to their backyard and do this right now

  • emily So
    emily So 9 months ago+5

    What is the substance that they dissolved to make a cement like mixture?

  • Mekansiz Çocuk
    Mekansiz Çocuk 2 days ago

    Yaratıcılık süper kazmasız küreksiz çok güzel hatta mükemmel ötesi görüntüler çıkıyor ortaya.. Mükemmelsiniz...

  • Gage Grimstad
    Gage Grimstad 7 days ago+2

    whats that white hit they use to make cement? n if someone knows if its cheaper than cement that would be great too @Primitive Survival

  • Aldo Triapriyanto
    Aldo Triapriyanto 10 months ago+88

    Siapa di sini orang indonesia
    Orang Indonesia like

  • Aughjenae Gonzalez
    Aughjenae Gonzalez 11 months ago+686

    So there's a bunch of pools all over the jungle

  • fogo fogo
    fogo fogo 1 months ago+1

    disculpem eu ia colocar assim ´´voces colocam a CAMERA``

  • Johnathan Ramirez
    Johnathan Ramirez 10 months ago+70

    From sleep to hard working no sweat, these guys could survive North Korea no problem lol

  • Strawberry Bardoquillo
    Strawberry Bardoquillo 10 months ago+36

    Seriously? they don't have a Shovel but has a YouTube Channel and advance pretty Camera 😂😂🤘🤘

  • Bella Trasciatti
    Bella Trasciatti 10 months ago+68

    Who’s just up there in the trees filming this

  • Dillon Hopkins
    Dillon Hopkins 7 months ago+16

    Anyone notice that they were sitting there eating bananas where the hell did they get BANANAS
    Likes my own comment :l

  • Jiraporn Soonthronpruek
    Jiraporn Soonthronpruek 3 months ago+1

    They​ will​ survive​ ww3 trust Me​

  • 선호형 오른팔
    선호형 오른팔 6 days ago+3


  • Kurt Louise Balatbat
    Kurt Louise Balatbat 1 months ago+2

    Who go here for memes?

  • クリーム桃と
    クリーム桃と 11 months ago+201

    Dude just make wi-fi out of bamboo