Marshmello - FLY (Official Music Video)



  • Marshmello
    Marshmello  6 months ago+35730

    MELLOGANG!!! We just hit *11 MILLION* Subscribers. Comment and let me know what country you are watching from. Now that I Can Fly, I want to come visit!! [✖‿✖]

  • LiamTubeHD New videos
    LiamTubeHD New videos 2 minutes ago+1

    This is Ben
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  • LiamTubeHD New videos
    LiamTubeHD New videos 4 minutes ago

    G'day Mate

  • Seth Spoonhoward
    Seth Spoonhoward 48 minutes ago

    Mello USA Pittsburgh PA

  • Escape Reality
    Escape Reality an hour ago

    why would Travis Scott put this in 2k 19

  • biak hero gaming
    biak hero gaming an hour ago

    Colorado (good state)

  • Vickie Liu
    Vickie Liu 2 hours ago

    Only this song is so catchy! LOL

  • ANTONI vidios
    ANTONI vidios 2 hours ago

    I can the fly, oo oo oo oo I I I can the fly, I can the fly ,yeaaaa oo ahhhh oohhh yeahhh oohhhhh yheaaa ahhhh ahhhh ohhhh ahhhhh

  • ZUMER2
    ZUMER2 2 hours ago

    yo soy de peru
    por favor ven ami pais
    I am from peru
    please come to my country

    CAMDEN JORDAN-EGNOT 3 hours ago

    awsome job marshmellow bigest fan!!!!!

  • Sophie :D
    Sophie :D 3 hours ago

    Lol I'm here bcuz of ducktales

  • Xonnek 300
    Xonnek 300 3 hours ago


  • mateo sandoval
    mateo sandoval 3 hours ago


  • napis 47
    napis 47 3 hours ago


  • Warley Silva
    Warley Silva 4 hours ago


  • edna oliveira
    edna oliveira 4 hours ago

    i was thrilled with the clip,congratulations

  • Stalin Jintiach
    Stalin Jintiach 5 hours ago

    chido 😊

  • Anel Gutierrez
    Anel Gutierrez 5 hours ago

    Omg marsmello

  • Nine Man
    Nine Man 5 hours ago

    He signify da Statue of Libirty

  • Kinatouna !
    Kinatouna ! 7 hours ago+1

    I'm from France and i say "Je t'adore :-) "