Freddie And Jazzmyne Use Instagram To Find Dates • Ladylike



  • Abigail McNeil
    Abigail McNeil 17 hours ago

    They are all gorgeous but I just love Freddie. She is soooo gorgeous, how is she even single!?

  • Amina Mustaf
    Amina Mustaf yesterday

    Joyce needs to be the new member of ladylike PERIOD 😊

  • Alexis Clare
    Alexis Clare yesterday

    I need a Joyce in my life

  • fagshow
    fagshow 2 days ago

    Joyce is a goddess !

  • Marsha Neal-Williams

    This was freakin hilarious!

  • Charlotte's awesome life of happy

    Omg gurllllll I have the same pants as Joyce !!! YASSSS

  • Taylor Richardson
    Taylor Richardson 3 days ago

    1. Couldn’t stop smiling at their dates, all so cute 2. Joyce please be my bestie, and help me finds a man 💦

  • CultivatedTish
    CultivatedTish 4 days ago

    How much does she charge for her services?? 😂

  • Isabellaxx
    Isabellaxx 5 days ago

    I found my boyfriend of 10 months on ig who luckily only lived 25 min away I love the 21st century lol

  • athena belle
    athena belle 7 days ago

    I like Freddies 2nd dat he's sweet

  • Ingrid Bentsen
    Ingrid Bentsen 7 days ago

    Didn’t Fred have a boyfriend?

  • Tisha Sindupranata
    Tisha Sindupranata 7 days ago

    I'm in love with Calvin honestly I think he's amazing for Freddie (n me) cause he's like funny and very forward but still he listened and actually is really really sweet

  • Kirsten Michaelson
    Kirsten Michaelson 7 days ago

    Honestly so awkward to vlog a first date

  • Paulino Acosta
    Paulino Acosta 7 days ago

    The girl with the nose ring looks so beautiful a wife that but I'm only 18

  • Mikayla
    Mikayla 7 days ago

    this was so good i need this to be a series joyce is amazing!

  • SuperStar DeanDean
    SuperStar DeanDean 8 days ago

    If this isn't a regular segment /show buzz feed is failing as a company. 😔

  • Criistal Trees
    Criistal Trees 8 days ago

    11:12 "Great...." -Freddie 2018

  • Marybeth Torres
    Marybeth Torres 9 days ago

    Joyce is meeeee! Yas! Don't hesitate! Just be honest about the way you feel, throw out the rule book and get you some POOM POOM!!!!

  • Taino Royal
    Taino Royal 9 days ago

    This looks like an amazing workplace

  • Jade Johnson
    Jade Johnson 9 days ago

    This was actually really nice lol love it. Try new things 2018