Who am I dating...

  • Published on:  6/18/2019
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  • Angie Berlinski
    Angie Berlinski 2 months ago+4298

    We all know that Trisha clicked faster than any of us did!

  • Michele Elehcim
    Michele Elehcim 2 months ago+1809

    I’m just allowing the clickbait to get me at this point. I’m to blame here, too.

  • Ms Obeyy
    Ms Obeyy 2 months ago+1168

    Tbh I’d be really happy for you if you actually did find someone to be with you deserve someone

  • Chelsea Rae
    Chelsea Rae 2 months ago+2792

    Jason: “Who am I dating???”
    Trish: 15 minutes later breakdown video

  • Hope Denton
    Hope Denton 2 months ago+2467

    TRISHA PAYTAS: labored breathing

  • spence
    spence 2 months ago+1901

    Worst clickbait ever. We already know you're dating David

  • The Bully Family
    The Bully Family 2 months ago+1057

    Trish is currently smashing chicken parm on her face.

  • imogen m
    imogen m 2 months ago+343

    get wyatt and charlie doing an episode of vlog squad gossip with carly and erin

  • Natalie
    Natalie 2 months ago+587

    I love how David wishes Jason a happy father's day :)

  • FireFell
    FireFell 2 months ago+819

    We can all expect a 45 min Trisha video now...

  • xsh _
    xsh _ 2 months ago+279

    jeff flirts with everyone then acts surprised when they catch feelings 😩😩

  • maddie leiteritz
    maddie leiteritz 2 months ago+241

    Jason is too hard on himself when it comes to being a dad and it breaks my heart. You can tell how sad he is when he talks to his daughter :(

  • Milnow
    Milnow 2 months ago+300

    Carly and Erin NEED to do a Vlogsquad Gossip episode with your kids hahahah

  • Elisabeth
    Elisabeth 2 months ago+701

    The way Jeff acted in front of that girl was somehow so smooth yet so adorable at the same time

  • brooklyn
    brooklyn 2 months ago+677

    jason is posting bomb videos lately, and I'm here for it!

  • Ana Castiblanco
    Ana Castiblanco 2 months ago+116

    JASON LISTEN TO ME! YOU HAVE TWO AMAZING KIDS FOR A REASON, BECAUSE YOU ARE AN AMAZING FATHER. The whole world knows it but you! This better be the last time you say you’re not a good dad

  • Cara
    Cara 2 months ago+624

    ... Trisha never clicked to fast lol 😂

  • kristie kane
    kristie kane 2 months ago+468

    I just clicked as fast as Trisha did 😂😂😂

  • Rachel Dobrik
    Rachel Dobrik 2 months ago+343

    There’s something so genuine and loveable about Jason.

  • kathlynkelly
    kathlynkelly 2 months ago+204

    Ur daughter is too cute. Spitting image of your ex wife. Loved this video. Xo