Serena Williams has a meltdown at the US Open

  • Published on:  9/8/2018
  • Serena Williams gets into it with umpire.


  • skyclasp
    skyclasp 11 months ago+677

    I didn't realise serena was the only woman who has a daughter

  • Raphaël D
    Raphaël D 11 months ago+298

    you should also speak about the shameful american crowd who booed Naomi to tears at the end. shame ! worst crowd ever. Serena and the crowd ruined what was supposed to be Naomi' best career moment.

  • Albedo
    Albedo 11 months ago+1381

    "I have a daughter!"
    "I have the high ground!"

  • ABfield
    ABfield 11 months ago+272

    She's a multi-millionaire who tried to bully someone just trying to do his job.
    Go away Serena.

  • Sean
    Sean 11 months ago+3525

    You know what is almost worse than Serena? The crowd brings the winner, Naomi Osaka, to tears when they boo at the trophy ceremony. Disgusting

  • Jodré Crafford
    Jodré Crafford 11 months ago+248

    She is such a bad loser that she couldn’t even admit that Naomi outplayed her. The best she could do was to say she played well. Naomi deserved to win...

  • Ciro Di Marzio
    Ciro Di Marzio 11 months ago+404

    Her ego has gotten too big, she thinks she's above the sport now smh

  • Sandra Hernandez
    Sandra Hernandez 11 months ago+246

    She looks like a two year old throwing a tantrum fit when she throws her racket on the floor

  • XFITofficial
    XFITofficial 11 months ago+61

    I have a daughter! You owe me an apology for that!! Wow.

  • Lon A
    Lon A 11 months ago+79

    Why is Serena bullying the umpire and playing a victim? Sounds like she is caught up in all this BS propaganda.. feminism, race baiting and victimhood.
    Congrats to Osaka. :))

  • pokerworld
    pokerworld 11 months ago+166

    I smash my racquet when I’m angry. I verbally abuse the officials. It’s sexist that they penalize me. I lost because of the umpire. I have a problem every time I come here, but I refuse to see that maybe it’s because I am the problem. - Serena Williams, US Open 2018

  • Akoustix
    Akoustix 11 months ago+243

    Serena showed the signs of a full Blown Narcissist, not of someone fighting for Woman's rights.

  • Pkel Kel
    Pkel Kel 11 months ago+78

    Steroid rage is a terrible thing. On a more important note, well done Osaka, a victory for tennis skill over brute force and muscular strength.

  • Tyler Gardiner12371
    Tyler Gardiner12371 11 months ago+2220

    Having a daughter has nothing to do with cheating 😂😂😂

  • Pirate Gunner
    Pirate Gunner 11 months ago+676

    No worries, NIke will increase her sponsorship! Fighting against racism and sexism no doubt...

  • Romi Lopez
    Romi Lopez 11 months ago+102

    As a German I am appalled by Serena`s behaviour. She breaked rules, tried to intimidade the umpire, instrumentalise the audience against the umpire. Period. She puts US`reputation down.

  • coolwinterstorm
    coolwinterstorm 11 months ago+86

    What part of smashing a racquet on a court is fighting for woman’s rights?
    You cheat,you get called out on it
    Take your medicine you entitled child
    I feel so sorry for her opponent
    No class from the crowd shame on you

  • Kelley Sauer
    Kelley Sauer 11 months ago+24

    Her coach admitted he and Serena broke the rules so the warning was justified. She broke her racket while throwing a tantrum; there is no dispute. Therefore her "big scene' with the umpire was totally unjustified and SHE WAS WRONG. Very obvious. She deserved the penalty. Besides she was being dominated prior to the warning so it DID NOT CAUSE HER TO LOSE. Her face making at the trophy presentation was rude and another example of her poor sportsmanship.

  • leepakim
    leepakim 11 months ago+1461

    great referee. Objective, calm and professional.

  • Ned Smith
    Ned Smith 11 months ago+14

    You just showed your daughter how not to take losing. Spoilt. Needs a reality check.