Follow Top NFL Prospects Through the Draft Process: From Training, to Combine, to Draft Day

  • Published on:  5/10/2019
  • Follow NFL prospects Greedy Williams, A.J. Brown, and Rashan Gary's path to the 2019 NFL Draft.Subscribe to NFL Network: out our other channels:NFL Vault Films Rush #Football#AmericanFootball


  • April Reid
    April Reid 3 months ago+291

    Is Greedy Chris Rock love child 🤔🤔👀👀🤔

  • Haruspex
    Haruspex 3 months ago+200

    You should do a series following the undrafted

  • Filip Inzaghi
    Filip Inzaghi 3 months ago+128

    Nice to see these guys dream coming true it takes lot of work and dedication! #newgen 👌🏽

  • Mathilde Vidéo
    Mathilde Vidéo 2 days ago+19

    I don't even watch football and this made so emotional.

  • Jay Dubb
    Jay Dubb 3 months ago+65

    29:36 *The phone is ringing
    Greedy : “ somebody just called ? “ lol
    he was so excited he didn’t even know what to say ✊🏽😂

  • Lukasafer
    Lukasafer 3 months ago+51

    The NFL Combine and the preparation behind it seems more like a track meet more than a football oriented event

  • Saka
    Saka 3 months ago+54

    These videos have easily become one of my favorite parts of the draft process last few years

  • ThePaperPortal
    ThePaperPortal 3 months ago+48

    Draft Summary:
    Dave Gentleman is a bad GM
    Cardinals don't want Kyler to have any Blockers
    Seahawks continue to reach round 1
    Falcons want a good oline
    Teams are reaching on lineman
    and letting WRs and CBs fall

  • sauce23d
    sauce23d 3 months ago+37

    That jerry rice ring thing was priceless and so cool jerry the man

  • Mikael Saba
    Mikael Saba 3 months ago+100

    Greedy Williams + Jarvis Landry + OBJ + Baker Mayfield....Like goddamn bruh...

  • Esteban Ventura
    Esteban Ventura 2 months ago+21

    Yall have to understand that some of these guys change entire lives in their own families that's why everyone so emotional and happy its not only the player winning they all winning

  • Walter Watson
    Walter Watson 2 months ago+20

    Respect to the 12th pick Rashan Gary, way to represent Phi Beta Sigma. GOMAB!

  • Maurice Lei
    Maurice Lei 3 days ago+1

    25:45 nearly got me 🥺
    And I’m in English class

  • devin mckinney
    devin mckinney 3 months ago+24

    Jalen Hurst & AJ Brown friends 😲 I never knew that good for Hurst supporting his Friend👌

  • Collin Combs
    Collin Combs 2 months ago+6

    Ik y’all saw the fire in greedy’s eyes when he got picked bruh the browns finna be cold

  • Reshod Williams
    Reshod Williams 1 months ago+6

    Greedy Williams is Chris Rock long lost son 😂😂😂💯

  • Inspirebykhan
    Inspirebykhan 2 months ago+2

    Lol Damn...Just play Football, enjoy the game how it was meant to be enjoyed.
    Making it all flashy etc and in to rocket science takes away from the love of the game...its a simple game.
    At the end of the day, athletes just need to get on the field and play ball like they did when they were little kids.
    Once you strap that helmet on, all these damn facilities don’t matter.

  • Anthony Vang
    Anthony Vang 2 months ago+2

    tbh how tf is jerry rice still not playing his cardio is off the charts

  • Joshua Awoodzie
    Joshua Awoodzie 7 days ago+15

    Thats gonna be me one day🙏🏾🙏🏾💫

  • Kermit the Frog
    Kermit the Frog 7 days ago+2

    And the once that don't get drafted still have to deal with braindamage. nobody talking about that?