25 Double-Fudge Brownies Eaten in 1 Minute!

  • Published on:  1/26/2017
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  • Matt Stonie
    Matt Stonie  2 years ago+3109


  • Rose Angelyn Juanich
    Rose Angelyn Juanich 2 years ago+4901

    His metabolism is faster than my internet connection.

  • Sam Uribe
    Sam Uribe a years ago+884

    This is me but without a camera

  • Jeffery Willard
    Jeffery Willard 2 years ago+402

    It would take me a minute to eat just one brownie.

  • Cripplin Depressun
    Cripplin Depressun 2 years ago+742

    How is he so thin?
    Kill me.

  • Sage. Ohlawrd
    Sage. Ohlawrd 7 months ago+203

    Me: can i have 1 brownie?
    Mom: yes
    Me:what about 3?
    Me:what about 25?
    Mom:noone can eat that much
    Me: ever heard of matt stonie?

  • SpoonfulofSuga
    SpoonfulofSuga 1 months ago+107

    When you’re trying to eat all the good brownies before your cousins and siblings get to them at the family gathering

  • Rufina Fernandez
    Rufina Fernandez 2 years ago+367

    isn't matte stonie vids so interesting to watch

  • Daija Anderson
    Daija Anderson a years ago+120

    I decided to watch this while eating brownies too, so I wouldn't feel hungry.

  • SiegeGrail
    SiegeGrail 2 years ago+2045

    Matt the type to choke on the milk instead of the brownie

  • Alex Ramos
    Alex Ramos 2 years ago+104

    His metabolism is faster than nasa's internet speed (btw nasa's internet speed is 91 gigabytes per second)

  • Justin Welch
    Justin Welch 4 months ago+41

    ... When he eats 25 brownies faster than I can hit the like button... :}

  • Fortnite Account 2
    Fortnite Account 2 1 months ago+18

    How to Get diabetes in 1 minute step by step tutorial

  • Heaven Bel
    Heaven Bel 9 months ago+18

    😭😭😭i want brownies

  • Elise Van den Berge
    Elise Van den Berge 2 years ago+940

    Me on my period

  • Fafa Kazmi
    Fafa Kazmi 2 years ago+4

    idk why.. but i feel sad watching this.
    like i want some brownies too :'(
    and there are more ppl here starving out here

  • Victoria Ruiz
    Victoria Ruiz 2 years ago+3

    I don't know why I love watching his videos 🤔😂🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Candy
    Candy a years ago+4

    Idk why but everytime I'm hungry I always watch food videos

  • Landru
    Landru 2 years ago+2

    Sadly... I feel like I can do this without alot of effort

    JTSAM 2 years ago+1197

    I eat 1 brownie and feel fat after