• Published on:  1/2/2019
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  • REACT 5 months ago

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  • Keilah Molina 5 months ago

    React to why don’t we

  • You know THAT One 5 months ago

    Do fraternal twins next I'm curious because i have a twin but he's a boy and I'm a girl and sometimes we do the same thing as each other

  • Laith 5 months ago

    They definitely agreed to pick whatever is in the middle

  • Morten Larsen 5 months ago

    They could have made it less obvious. Choosing the same glass 6 times is a bit... Well obvious...

  • Khaing Gyi 5 months ago

    Was thinking the same lmao

  • Don't Know Anymore 5 months ago

    *You know even though they are not twins.**They sure argue like* *brothers.*

  • Quais 5 months ago

    Bring the twins back, but have the cups in different places. To check if they just picked what they wanted or decided before..

  • Gavin Alward 5 months ago


  • Gavin Alward 5 months ago

    @Igmus I don't think that would be totally fair. Simply randomizing the order should be enough to throw anyone off.

  • Igmus 5 months ago

    Or make a rule that you can't choose the same side in a row.

  • lauryn trbl 5 months ago

    okay but they chose the same cup every time-

  • PotatoSlaps 5 months ago

    Me be like :" are they discussing what they're gonna pick behind?"

  • fabrizio guzman 5 months ago

    Why the hell did they put them in the same order both sides??

  • Tobben Tobben 5 months ago

    They just picked the middel one every time

  • iDxL 5 months ago

    that's what I'm saying