REACT  20 days ago+341

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    NAME ME 6 days ago+8

    I see...the twins only picked the second one

  • Dayvonn Alexander Tomas

    Can You do Twin Telepathy With Youtubers like bijuu mike and dantdm vs The Merrel Twins

  • Elif Yavuz
    Elif Yavuz 7 days ago+9

    I read “ squeeze cheese” as “ cheese whiz”

  • Ginger May
    Ginger May 7 days ago+35

    But they picked the same cup every time

  • rosie leigh laws
    rosie leigh laws 8 days ago+2

    when you do the next one can you do see who can fill water balloons the fastest punishment east wasabi on toast

  • Fariha Mohamed Hilmy
    Fariha Mohamed Hilmy 8 days ago+2

    Twins rule, nons drool! 👑

  • Qwazy New Zealander
    Qwazy New Zealander 8 days ago+10

    For a punishment you should make the loser eat... A JALAPENO COVERED IN HOT SAUCE WRAPPED IN SALT AND PEPPER!!

  • Mikayla Powell
    Mikayla Powell 8 days ago+15

    "Hey um ours isn't a liquid!!" 😂😂

  • Deer Me
    Deer Me 8 days ago+5

    Can their be a friend telepathy

  • Rogerina Taylor
    Rogerina Taylor 8 days ago+4

    React to BØRNS

  • Pratik Goyal
    Pratik Goyal 9 days ago+1

    #shoutout please

  • Electric
    Electric 10 days ago+45

    Let's try a *real* twin telepathy challenge

  • Donovan
    Donovan 10 days ago+63

    Mix them around next time

  • Tae'Lem Jones
    Tae'Lem Jones  10 days ago+54

    Don't really think this is real

  • Boringlife
    Boringlife 10 days ago+13

    Do another twin challenge! 😂

  • Dilara La Kurdi
    Dilara La Kurdi 10 days ago+5

    That escalated quickly

  • 21specter
    21specter 10 days ago+8

    I was hoping they’d pick the Clamato juice to make that hell in a cup salvageable

  • saxx lee
    saxx lee 10 days ago+16

    If they had twin telepathy i have cousin telepathy coz my cousin and i always think the same thing

  • Awesome A
    Awesome A 10 days ago+2

    Next punishment should be cake with hot sauce (Siracha)