Fortnite CUBE is in TILTED TOWERS!! Fortnite *NEW* Port a Fortress & Spiky Stadium!

  • Published on:  9/18/2018
  • Fortnite cube moving in Tilted Towers! New Fortnite update featuring Port a Fortress& Spiky Stadium gameplay!SUBSCRIBE - MERCH - https://typical.storeJOIN (YouTube Membership) -


  • Ground x48
    Ground x48 11 months ago+10

    Feel bad for that building the meteor and now the cube

  • GameBoy 47
    GameBoy 47 11 months ago+4

    TG please play Spider-Man
    I am really curious about Spider Man

    VENOM-VA GAMING 11 months ago+3

    More of spideman

  • oi
    oi 11 months ago+26

    We waited for the that building for three seasons and it’s broke again

  • bigmackmaster j
    bigmackmaster j 11 months ago+2

    Why tilted why not loot lake or lonely lodge

  • stop dude stop your hurting me please stop

    Been here since i was 7. Now I'm 14. Does my heart good to see you're doing well. I remember watching your hour long gta mod vids. Loved them and you well deserve 7M subs
    -From an old 300k sub

  • Camden Jackson
    Camden Jackson 11 months ago+2

    Did anyone notice that when he held the spikes stadium it turned In to portafort colors 5:31

  • Moises Espejo-Callahan
    Moises Espejo-Callahan 11 months ago+1

    You're 8AM I AM in my life for 7th and I was just

  • Games ForPros
    Games ForPros 11 months ago

    Oh snap it's lit

  • Tawanda Muzenda
    Tawanda Muzenda 11 months ago

    Keep doing streams with Samara!!! 🔥

  • Javi Javier
    Javi Javier 11 months ago+2

    Play part 6.

  • DmnImmortal
    DmnImmortal 11 months ago

    16 ADS.... BTW

  • David Silva
    David Silva 11 months ago+1

    When can you do zombie apocalypse mod

  • Arron White
    Arron White 11 months ago

    You are the best

  • scott brownlee
    scott brownlee 11 months ago

    R.I.P apartment

  • Mama Milkey
    Mama Milkey 11 months ago+2

    This video is A money grab

  • Tahki Gilbert
    Tahki Gilbert 10 months ago

    You have the best videos tg!

  • SoloDiamondDOG
    SoloDiamondDOG 11 months ago

    The potential of this would be insane but I know already nobody will play as epic as I'm thinking.

  • Bumpy W
    Bumpy W 11 months ago

    Hi I love your videos