Irish People Try Krispy Kreme Donuts For The First Time

  • Published on:  10/10/2018
  • Krispy Kreme Doughnuts finally came to Ireland! See what our Irish People thought when trying them for the first time...
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    Krispy Kreme donuts - many an Irish person would have seen these on tv growing up, or had them when they were on holidays - but those days are over! Krispy Kreme finally decided to open up shop in Ireland, with their first store popping up in Blanchardstown, Dublin. Having heard so much about the donuts in question, we decided to see what our Irish People thought. Check it out!

    Thanks to Krispy Kreme Blanchardstown for providing us with the doughnuts! Check them out here:

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  • Edward James
    Edward James 45 minutes ago

    Heat it in the microwave for 15 seconds then add a scoop of vanilla ice cream....HEAVEN!!!

  • Karah Lorbacher
    Karah Lorbacher an hour ago

    Y'all are amazing

  • mightb eli
    mightb eli an hour ago

    That is THICC with 2 C's

  • rmisionero
    rmisionero 2 hours ago

    Congratulations, You are hereby called Americans. Here is your can of chew, your firearms, and your Krispy Kreme Doughnut.

  • roger sadler
    roger sadler 4 hours ago

    like watching 5 year olds

    NOVAM1A 4 hours ago

    there is a donut shop in indianapolis indiana, its called (longs Bakery) their glazed yeast donuts will put krispy kreme to shame. everything they make is top notch.

  • Mischa Minxx
    Mischa Minxx 6 hours ago

    Krispy Kreme is the best!!!!!!!

  • Patrick3183
    Patrick3183 6 hours ago

    Annoying accents

  • MrLord971
    MrLord971 6 hours ago

    4:12 But didn't you said you never had a Donut before??

  • nedj10
    nedj10 7 hours ago

    They are not hot? why did you cheat these people so badly as to serve them COLD KK donuts?

  • quartytypo
    quartytypo 7 hours ago

    If you eat a lot of them you will eventually want to join your local police force.

  • Kali Raie
    Kali Raie 9 hours ago

    Oh i do love Irish people🥰

  • texx07
    texx07 12 hours ago

    wayyyyyy better when theyre warm

  • Gary Diggins
    Gary Diggins 13 hours ago

    Crispy creme. A sugared air bagel for airheads.

  • fatima ali
    fatima ali 16 hours ago

    Dugouts are gross , i hate them🤮

  • Christopher Murray
    Christopher Murray 21 hours ago

    Best episode! 🔥💯

  • Bill Carson
    Bill Carson 21 hours ago

    Krispy kreme is SATAN💀😬666

  • ThunderPaladin
    ThunderPaladin 21 hours ago

    Krispy Kreme has brought me the miracle of getting the two salty punkster children out of their malaise long enough to actually enjoy something. Jesus.

  • Cerinaya
    Cerinaya 22 hours ago

    If they thought the original glazed was good normally....they should get them hot and fresh. There is a reason they are the most popular.

  • fren jackson
    fren jackson yesterday

    Lmao welcome to the world of Krispy Kreme 😂😂😂🙏🏽🙌🏽❤❤