@terry_s_chapman | Is a "goatee" really a "beard"? (And if not, I'm officially shaving mine off.)



  • Your Friendly Neighborhood Lawbringer

    May i suggest investing in captions, these guys are awesome, I just can't understand what they are sayin 😂
    Edit: I just saw the description, my bad

  • Boba Vhett
    Boba Vhett 10 months ago+1

    Remember that time Dwight grew a goatee but then Michael and Ryan both shaved their goatees and became the goatee-less Brothers?

  • Deon Du Toit
    Deon Du Toit 10 months ago+2

    Of course a goatee is a beard. If you could only see the splendor of mine you would fully understand. #oldspicesouthafrica#wedeservethefullproductrangetoo

  • Robert999220
    Robert999220 10 months ago+1

    A goatee isnt a beard, its a goatee. fite me.