JINU KIM 4 months ago+1959

    him speaking English is absolutely the sexiest thing I’ve ever heard in my life

  • kkukkung changkyun
    kkukkung changkyun 3 months ago+1311

    who needs ASMR when you have I.M literally whispering into your ear the first thing you listen this song

  • vectra lahu
    vectra lahu 3 months ago+787

    Homeboy literally said "come make me wet by your under" HE DESERVES 1M VIEWS

  • dear deer
    dear deer 3 months ago+287

    Never know you should never know
    What did i done today and how was it yeah
    I could imagine your complication
    When I spit confess about to daily shit yeah
    Ain’t got time to spend useless thing just work it
    I got time for ya hug me and lay me down baby I'll wet that
    Wanna get inside of your night
    You can make me drown hold me tight
    Take it, go take it baby
    I’ll believing you even when I go blind
    I just wanna focus you should never let the sunrise squander
    I’m feeling you yeah you’re feeling me yeah
    Now we don’t have to talk yeah
    I’m calling your phone I should make a wave
    Then we fall in the ocean
    I might have to call again
    Never thinking about the other things
    Oh baby don’t waste it
    I’ve been waiting all night long we can take it slow
    Ain't got mind
    Lemme grab you more deeper
    No I don’t want let go, want let go, no
    No I don’t want let go, want let go no, no no no
    Baby I don’t want let go
    I don’t want let go
    Yeah yeah yeah
    Yeah yeah
    You don’t want it
    You just keep talking like you know me baby
    You don’t know me
    Whatever you say baby you gon' have to show me
    I won’t tell nobody meet me right here in the lobby
    Tell your friends they can come party
    Party, party
    Rubbing on your body
    I love the way that you move it yeah
    No baby I ain’t sorry
    Because we about to make us a movie yeah
    No I don’t know about you but I know that I want you bad
    Tell me how you feel
    Cause I love what we have
    I love what we have baby don’t you let me down yeah
    How can I explain this come and make me wet by your under
    I know you want me to don’t hesitate
    You’re my home so baby take me there
    Just come over

  • Jessica Nguyen
    Jessica Nguyen 3 months ago+550

    He’s the Maknae of the group and is so mature and manly!!!! That’s why I love Monsta X cuz they give a different vibe from many groups!!!! I’m both EXO L,BABY, and MONBEBE.

  • Infires Artworks
    Infires Artworks 4 months ago+3987

    Starship : How deep can your voice be ?
    I.M : YESS

  • Andy Foster
    Andy Foster 2 months ago+155

    How is this not more popular? OMG when I heard on spotify I almost choke

  • sa fa
    sa fa 3 months ago+228

    How can a person have such a voice like that?
    Can you believe that he is the rapper?

  • Ava Stark
    Ava Stark 2 months ago+63

    I missed his voice from Who Do U Love so I came back here. I love you, Changkyun 🌸

  • Yoselyn HopeV
    Yoselyn HopeV 3 months ago+108

    What the hell, this man is real? It's beautiful, sexy, and tastes so good! I appreciate that youtube by fi me has recommended something good.

  • Mf Κ
    Mf Κ 4 months ago+1273

    He is literally the king of slow-sexy rapping...his deep voice and that autotune, the way he moves around...his whole entire existence I AM DONE

  • Funkky SJ
    Funkky SJ 3 months ago+243

    I'm back here to rewatch this over again because of the M2 version

  • WonBunny
    WonBunny 1 months ago+83

    Call me salty but you know what with the amount of 'fans' complaining about Changkyun part in WDUL you would think they all str**ming his solo work but since wdyl the v**w barely increase here... meaning some people are all bark w/no action.
    So true Monbebe let's str**m this masterpiece we can go for 2M for our Maknae

  • devilish pinkon
    devilish pinkon 1 months ago+60

    People complaining a lot about I.M part in WDUL instead of supporting him here lol. It's better if they drop their comment here instead of there

  • Ava Stark
    Ava Stark 2 months ago+51

    Thank you Elhae for making an amazing track with I.M 🌟

  • Cami TP
    Cami TP 3 months ago+48

    Please stream this amazing song, our baby I.M deserve it ❤️

  • Xamaria Thompson
    Xamaria Thompson 3 months ago+73

    Jesus this song his voice and everything else is amazing
    Headphone in, eyes close such a good vibe

  • Min Sunshine
    Min Sunshine 3 months ago+52

    St**am this masterpiece!!He worked so hard for his mixtape, we need to give him 1M at least!!!We can do it!!😉👊
    And don't forget str**m Min's cover, because he worked hard too and he deserves it and Hero for Monsta X's anniversary!!!Please Monbebe!!🙏💕 Fighting!!👊

  • natalie
    natalie 3 months ago+48

    come on mbbs let’s help get this to 1M ,, you’re not alone ❤️❤️

  • Tika Priska
    Tika Priska 4 months ago+2238

    Monbebe: we didn't get IM English rapp in Play it Cool :(
    (Changkyun drop horizon)