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  • Published on:  2/17/2019
  • With Disney laying claim to Netflix’s superhero originals, Netflix has started their venture into non-marvel based adaptations with Dark Horse’s The Umbrella Academy. Based off the comic written by My Chemical Romance’s frontman Gerard Way, this x-men reminiscent series is now streaming, and I’m here to give you the skinny on how the Hargreeve’s kids small screen debut went.I’m Kris Carr, let’s talk The Umbrella Academy on Nerdflix and Chill. For comic purists, I’ll let you know right now, guys- I don’t know if you’ll be happy with the changes. The series feels like a very grounded version of its source material. Aside from a bank heist they foil, we don’t see a lot of the actual super powered moments from the story.Support us on Patreon ►► For More NerdWire! ►► @NerdWireHQ on Twitter ►► out our site: http://www.obsev.comLike us on Facebook: us on Instagram: us on ROKU:


  • NerdWire
    NerdWire  6 months ago+25

    Find out all you need to know from the comics by checking out our video!

  • Jeremiah Felix Sobrevilla
    Jeremiah Felix Sobrevilla 6 months ago+1193

    It's an adaptation, not a retelling.

  • Dakai-kun 22
    Dakai-kun 22 6 months ago+907

    I actually love the changes and the show.

  • CityofBlighton
    CityofBlighton 6 months ago+828

    I knew nothing about Umbrella Academy before this show, and I loved it. It may be one of my favorite shows of all time now. I agree that we didn't need as much about Hazel and Cha-Cha, which did feel like a seperate show at times. But the main story, cinematography, music, and weird out-of-place dancing scenes were amazing to me. I think that most of the changes from the comics that you mentioned were for the best (other than Hazel and Cha-Cha), and had Netflix not taken the risk of changing those I might have felt more offput by certain things like Luther possibly having an actual mutant-gorilla CG body. As a newcomer to U.A. I think Netflix did a great job adapting this for a broader audience.

  • H
    H 6 months ago+451

    Ok, so I binged the show and then the first 2 volumes of the comic straight after. The comic is interesting but it's characters are given a lot less time and are therefore less compelling. Klaus, who was my favourite character in the show, seems a lot more toned down in the comic. Vanya being slowly manipulated because she's a vulnerable character is a lot more interesting than her just deciding to destroy the world because Diego was mean to her. I felt like the stories in the comic were rushed to fit the 6 issue arcs but the series gave it time to build a compelling (if at times predictable) story and develop the characters and relationships. In my opinion the comic is ok but the show is much better. Feel free to disagree.

  • Josh CuriousJosh
    Josh CuriousJosh 6 months ago+235

    This video is a perfect example of someone who can't get over the source material to see the vast improvements in the adaptation.
    After loving the show I went back to check out the original comic and it's missing the depth and characterizations that were both so wonderful in the show. Where the comic is rife with aliens and outrageous technology, the show's grounding in reality actually helps showcase the isolation and oddity of the seven children even more.
    Everyone from the show should be wonderfully proud of the work they've done. It's fantastic.

  • killmonger the rebel 313
    killmonger the rebel 313 6 months ago+638

    I thought the first season was pretty good the acting was done very well number 5 and klaus especially

  • CaptAssassin
    CaptAssassin 6 months ago+299

    Cha Cha and Hazel were given too much screen time but without it we wouldn’t have been able to see that Mary J Blige has legitimate chops for action scenes!

  • CJ Daly
    CJ Daly 6 months ago+290

    I highly disagree, I’m a big fan of the comic and I am in love with the show and what the did with it.

  • Frigid Fusion
    Frigid Fusion 6 months ago+174

    I read the comics when they came out and for the argument that the show is a butchering of the source matierial is just flat out weak. The series fills gaps that were in the books due the constraints of the length of the comic. The effects, acting, soundtrack, and clothing/set pieces alone are amazing. Each character is fleshed out more and changed only to further the story. All my doubts on the show were changed when I saw all of these thing. Also the fact that they bled book volume 1 and volume 2 is amazing. Season 2 should be original story made by Gerard way as script write and volume 3 of the book coming out this June

  • Sailor MoonStone
    Sailor MoonStone 6 months ago+214

    Why do so many people forget to mention Gabriel Ba? I understand that Gerard is the more famous of the duo but the comic is a collaboration on both sides.

  • Vince LoGrasso
    Vince LoGrasso 6 months ago+74

    I wish you would just title it “ Why the show isn’t a word for word, frame by frame copy of the comic” the show was fantastic. Funny, action packed and quirky. Great watch. I can’t urge you enough to ignore this review.

  • Ashleigh Sorensen
    Ashleigh Sorensen 6 months ago+55

    I read the comics when they first came out. Just finished binging the show and then rereading the comics. I disagree with you on just about everything. In fact every complaint you have feels like digging for something to hate about it. I think the only change I didn't like was the loss of Diego's feelings for Vanya...otherwise, the show was impressive and perfect! I love how they fleshed out the characters so much more. If it had been entirely true to the comics, we'd have gotten two hours of show. The comics were NOT that meaty, but also, both creators were right with the project every step of the way and gave a lot of input into the show. Any one thinking about watching this show and worried about losing the spirit of the comic, ignore this video. Watch the show.

  • Moirae Riddle
    Moirae Riddle 6 months ago+63

    Show > the comic
    The show took time to develop the story and characters that just wasn’t the same in the comics as they could come across as choppy and messing plot wise.

  • Valkyrie Magnus
    Valkyrie Magnus 6 months ago+207

    I never read the comics but I loved the series as a whole

  • Rodney Allen McLain
    Rodney Allen McLain 6 months ago+53

    I’ve never read unmbrella academy so I’m a virgin. I loved this series. I love the cha-cha and hazel story. They explained things very nicely. I can’t wait for second season.

  • Ajay
    Ajay 6 months ago+119

    I think if you were disappointed you're very likely a fan of the comics. I knew nothing about Umbrella Academy before this series and I absolutely loved it.

  • Riri Pari
    Riri Pari 6 months ago+76

    The change I didn't like is the one between Vanya and Diego. In the comics Diego had a crush on her and that is why he was so keen on keeping her out of all the family business. So that she didn't end up getting hurt. In the TV show he is just straight up cold to her and sees her as a liability which she technically is with all the danger around, but he doesn't have to be so jerky about it. As for cha cha and hazel, I'm pretty torn. For one thing I find the relationship between Hazel and the old lady donut store worker sweet, but at the same time I agree that showing the two villains soft and normal sides made them less scary and intimidating. In the comics the two never took their masks off and the only thing we knew about them is that they love love love violence and killing.

  • Affi David
    Affi David 6 months ago+24

    Because god forbid anything be different or a fresh alternative, right?

  • Christine McDork
    Christine McDork 6 months ago+56

    Never read the comics but I just burned through the show. I loved it. Ellen Page amazing! Klaus and Ben so good. Hazel and Cha Cha and doughnut lady story was great. I loved this so much.