I Challenged a NBA CENTER to 1v1 BASKETBALL and this happened...

  • Published on:  9/18/2018
  • 1 vs 1 against NBA Player Eric MorelandCheck out Chris Johnson's youtube (NBA TRAINER)● https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sD9_x...► Instagram https://www.instagram.com/chrisjohnso...Check out Eric Moreland► Instagram https://www.instagram.com/ericmoreland25Kris Londonvideo https://t.co/Dmf42ERkaO► https://www.youtube.com/user/JustSayI...★BUCKETSQUAD MERCH★► https://t.co/C5k0dr29cQ★MY SECOND CHANNEL★ ● https://www.youtube.com/user/Jesserth...★FOLLOW ME ON SOCIAL MEDIA★●Twitter (@Jesserthelazer) ► https://twitter.com/jesserthelazer●Instagram (@Jesser)► https://instagram.com/jesser#BucketSquad#Basketball#NBA#bball Family friendly Content for kids


  • Jesser
    Jesser  11 months ago+300

    Make sure to watch the video we did on Chris channel https://www.102tube.com/video/sD9_xwBw6oA/video.html

  • Jay lone
    Jay lone 11 months ago+695

    Don't sleep on average or even shit NBA players. They were gods in college and amazing. Don't sleep on them.

  • Joseph Newgo
    Joseph Newgo 11 months ago+543

    The way Jesser edits his vids make it so much more entertaining. I watch other youtubers play 1v1 and they’re not nearly as interesting

  • Kristopher London
    Kristopher London 11 months ago+1364

    Coaching... NEVA LOST!!!!

  • OgDoprah
    OgDoprah 11 months ago+518

    Ok ima Be Honest When Jesser Dunked That Ball i Was Hype Af

  • Super
    Super 11 months ago+895

    Jesser for the NBA 2019 Slam Dunk Contest and Skills Challenge

  • Xoomal Jones
    Xoomal Jones 11 months ago+268

    Bucket Squad shirt is fireeeeee pike if u agree.

  • Marshall Eriksen
    Marshall Eriksen 11 months ago+256

    He got some pretty decent handles for a center

  • Super
    Super 11 months ago+610

    If I dont stop getting these damn TikTop ads

  • 9 9
    9 9 11 months ago+119

    When you realize that kris is as tall as the nba center

  • WhyMe
    WhyMe 11 months ago+159

    LMAO 8:24
    Jesser: your shoes untied
    Eric Moreland: Nope not this time

  • Alex Elkins
    Alex Elkins 11 months ago+124

    Bruh wtf I’ve been subscribed for so long and then all of a sudden none of your videos have been popping up in my recommendation list and I’m like yo my mans jezzer is dead rn but nope he’s still grinding. Press f for respect

  • Harris Craven
    Harris Craven 11 months ago+59

    Jesse the type of dude to help his ex girl move her stuff into her new mans house

    KING DJ 11 months ago+305

    And this happened... let me find out your turning into McQueen and ddg😂

  • drei27
    drei27 11 months ago+148

    yoo what was that shot at 2:19

  • Skapun
    Skapun 11 months ago+48

    I love the beatdrops anyone else agree

  • Stuwie Rgge
    Stuwie Rgge 11 months ago+75

    This motivates me me because Jessie
    Obviously isn’t as good at the guys he versing but he trying so like I’m probably gonna start trying harder to play although I’m 11 I’m gonna try my best thanks Jessie

    LEBRON JAMES 11 months ago+112

    at 1:03 eric moreland was thinking damm i didnt even do that lol

  • zay turna
    zay turna 11 months ago+45

    Bro he used to play for us he’s shorter than most centers and Kris

    4HYPE MAX 11 months ago+78

    Jesser is underrated
    Edit: I have so many likes!