Ryan Tries: Primitive Building - EPIC SNOW FORT

  • Published on:  2/9/2019
  • Always been a fan of those primitive building videos and just wanted to give it a try! Welcome to the first Ryan Tries episode!Order my book "how to write good" http://higatv.com/ryan-higas-how-to-w...Just Launched New Official Storehttps://www.gianthugs.com/collections...HigaTV Channelhttp://www.youtube.com/higatvInstagram - http://www.instagram.com/notryanhigaFacebook - https://www.facebook.com/higatv/Twitter - http://www.twitter.com/therealryanhigaWebsitehttp://www.higatv.comSend us mail or whatever you want here!PO Box 232355Las Vegas, NV 89105


  • FilipinoFLASH 5 months ago

    I thought this was going to be a joke but holy crap that turned out great!!!

  • Matthmataz 9 days ago

    It is a joke

  • DA Destroyer 10 days ago

    All of his videos are basically one giant practical joke

  • Derpy Squishies 7 4 months ago

    I love how he never gives up on what he starts, he puts in so much effort and time for us. Thank you Ryan, you are the most greatest YouTuber ever!

  • RFCrazy 9 days ago

    well, he might give up, he just doesn't show us the things that he gives up on

  • “Most greatest”

  • Spade_CT 4 months ago

    They should've carved 'TEEHEE' on a rock so people (in the future) will know that Nigahiga made it. 😂

  • Santana an hour ago

    @BankReddish it's a goddamn rock not the snow

  • BankReddish an hour ago

    Spade_CT but the fort will melt so what’s the point

  • Viral Neon 4 months ago

    Do any of you people remember when he was the most subscribed channel on YouTube

  • FruitRollUp 3 days ago

    Honestly I'm surprised he's not anymore the new gen has no idea what there missing out on.

  • When your picture is from fortnite I’m having a hard time thinking you were even born when Ryan was the largest

  • Void Nightzz 4 months ago

    The part where they started running into the snow cracked me up🤣

  • Jonathan C 1 months ago


  • Maddness _ 1 months ago

    Lol, did they even eat?

  • Broducts 5 months ago

    Ryan Tries = Ryan does something, but way more than you expected

  • Lol Tubezz 1 months ago

    Ryan Tries : Tryhard with everything he got and do itNormal tries: Just an attempt

  • Lindsey Kimball 5 months ago

    As always xD

  • sanz on osu 666 4 months ago

    most famous youtuber who doesn't ask for subs lol

  • just subscribe 21 days ago

    @BowOP that was a meme

  • sanz on osu 666 nor does mark and jack..however I get your point

  • Kim-Ly Ta 3 months ago

    The amount of dedication ryan and his team put into their videos is INSANE. I love it omg

  • Vennice Gail Valdez 1 months ago


  • Dizzy 1 months ago

    *100 years later*holy shi-who made that epic snow fort?

  • Dizzy 4 days ago

    uknown Arc only if we’ll take care of the world, hopefully :)

  • uknown Arc 4 days ago

    Hehehe you think snow will exist hahaha global warming will take care of that.

  • Amir Aiman 3 months ago

    *this vid makes me wanna play minecraft*

  • MeMyselfAndTau 21 hours ago

    Survival aspect

  • Grapefruit King an hour ago