Why It’s Almost Impossible to Score a Corner Kick Goal in Soccer / Football | WIRED



  • Connor Lipke
    Connor Lipke a years ago+2445

    Bending the ball into the goal is easy, the issue is you have to get it past the keeper and the men defending on the posts. Any middle school soccer player can bend the ball into the goal, it's not a hard kick.

  • U MadBro yo
    U MadBro yo a years ago+3498

    It’s nearly impossible because there’s a keeper not because the ball is hard to curve. A 9 year old can curve the ball ....

  • Mike Mcciag
    Mike Mcciag a years ago+645

    "It is almost IMPOSSIBLE to score a goal like this." - voice over clip on a video with like 10 different people scoring a goal like that

  • Gadiflie Gadiflie
    Gadiflie Gadiflie 10 months ago+389

    It isn't "almost impossible", it is actually very easy to do. The only problem is, goalies can easily save it. It is very obvious for keepers.

  • Tipperary
    Tipperary a years ago+448

    He's actually wearing shin guards/pads. Jesus Christ.

  • Mila Mbangeleli
    Mila Mbangeleli 7 months ago+150

    Roberto Carlos be like Hold by beer

  • Stevey Irwin
    Stevey Irwin a years ago+188

    lol this video is completely missing the real reason, I've scored like 3 times by accident when I played youth football (when the goalies are literally just too small). The real reason it's impossible is the distance and angle giving the goalie a ridiculous amount of reaction time and only having to cover a little bit of ground.

  • booty Slayer69
    booty Slayer69 5 months ago+55

    This ain’t impossible. The reason why people don’t do this, cuz they already know that they going to get screamed at, if they missed.😂

  • metinhan
    metinhan 10 months ago+170

    Mo Salah be like "hold my hoşaf."

  • Alavoi
    Alavoi 4 months ago+36

    I love the almost impossible series but this is the worst one. (Because it's not anywhere near impossible)

  • Nexy
    Nexy a years ago+42

    I scored one in my U13s, the other team thought I was a show off and their parents were pissed off at my coach lmao

  • Ernesto Rodas
    Ernesto Rodas 5 months ago+35

    Man, you can't talk about "bending a ball" without Roberto Carlos being mentioned.

  • Shreyas Tiwari
    Shreyas Tiwari 10 months ago+47

    Mo Salah just did it

  • kippers12isOG
    kippers12isOG a years ago+733

    This video is a real bummer for this series. It's not almost impossible for any reasons stated by the video, it's almost impossible because defenders and keepers typically aren't stupid.
    what made this series good was that they picked things that people haven't done yet but are theoretically possible, but this has been done at every level of play plenty of times.
    Disappointing upload, football/soccer debate aside.

  • uncapitalizes
    uncapitalizes 2 months ago+9

    the magnus effect is just an excuse for people who cant score it lmao

  • joker
    joker 7 months ago+6

    "when you're changing the surface, the aerodynamics change a bit and that affects the ball"
    So much science

  • Vitor Avila
    Vitor Avila 4 months ago+6

    Şükrü Gülesin scored 32 in his pro career....
    It's not a terribly hard shot to make, but it's hard to get in on a match because of the GK... normally it happens when other players get on the way, creating confusion

  • Joad The Toad
    Joad The Toad 2 months ago+10

    It is nearly impossible
    F2 freestylers : Hold my tea

  • Jake Lewson
    Jake Lewson a years ago+1294

    Your problem in this video is mainly the strength, you're not kicking it hard enough to make a big enough curve.
    Tbh, a curve ball isn't that hard for any experienced player. What is truly hard about scoring a corner goal is to trick the goal keeper.

  • Tom Hetherington
    Tom Hetherington 9 months ago+6

    I literally can score like 6 out of 10🤦‍♂️