Game Theory: Did I Find Fortnite's SECRET Lore? (Fortnite Battle Royale)

  • Published on:  3/25/2018
  • Survey - Be a Part of the next theory ► to never miss a theory! ► The Hidden HORRORS Behind Petscop ►► aside PUBG - there is a new game in town. Fortnite - the number one game to drop you on an island just to destroy EVERYTHING. Yet, the thing I've been seeing most fans ask lately is - where is the lore? It's true, the game doesn't look like it tries to give much backstory to your situation. Except I've found it. LOOK CLOSER THEORISTS! All you want to know is right there for the taking and today I'm going to show you.SUBSCRIBE for Every Theory! ► ► out with us on GTLive! ► THEORIES:Doki Doki’s SCARIEST Monster! ► - Ghost In A HAUNTED Game ►'s Companion Cube's Dark Secret ► Season's KILLER DOG... Unmasked! ►! Pokemon May Cause DEATH! ►►'s SINFUL SECRET Business! ► Neighbor - DEVIL is in the Details! ► Bendy Will END! ►► out some more of our awesome video game content: Game Theory ►► Shock ►► SCIENCE! ►►


  • Edventr
    Edventr a years ago+10931

    OMG V-Bucks = Venus Bucks

    R3ACH THE BOT a years ago+2618


  • Death Cheddar
    Death Cheddar 3 months ago+195

    Idk who roasted rice gum better,
    Theodd1sout or Fim theory...

  • Matthew Frankel
    Matthew Frankel 3 months ago+168

    By season 9; meteor crash; rocket launch; rifts; Kevin the cube; Loot Lake event; Butterfly event; iceburg; Ice King event; pirates come to the island; volcano event/ unvulted event; and now, the future... story line.
    Like if your reading during season 9

  • Drake
    Drake 3 months ago+146

    Me: sees a dumb ricegum reference.......

  • Harley Teal
    Harley Teal 7 months ago+27

    Dude, you are ridiculously smart and I learned a lot of non fortnite related science concepts. Thank you very much Matt.

  • DingyAntelope58 Niamh lane

    wait, almost exactly a year later, cant do the survey? i wanted to identify as Hillary Clinton with a nerf ak, lord of avocados...
    like = f to pay respects

  • chanda kisor
    chanda kisor 14 days ago+7

    Fortnite has no story
    Me: laughs from the future

  • Amel Gaming
    Amel Gaming 2 months ago+14

    1 minute and 46 seconds of 1 intro *clap clap*

  • Jeimax Ruloma
    Jeimax Ruloma 9 hours ago

    how do we know the world kids spinning counterclockwise? THINK ABOUT IT

  • Maxamelon
    Maxamelon 6 months ago+19

    Hey Vsauce, Michael here back with some more FoRtNite fUnNiEs

  • Derek Krahn
    Derek Krahn 4 months ago+12

    Obviously yes because season 5 is worlds collide and fortnite collides with earth so it makes perfect sense.

  • Manuel Nuñez
    Manuel Nuñez 3 months ago+11

    Great video.
    I still think Battle Royale is like a simulation/ training camp for people to join Save the World. Notice how when you die in BR, a hover turret collects the body and how in Save the World, you either fall on your knees or sometimes also get collected by a hover turret (only if you go off the map)

  • TateNinjaLegend
    TateNinjaLegend 2 months ago+6

    And rifts brought stuff from earth the Venus. Like if u agree

  • Lucas SoYeah
    Lucas SoYeah 11 months ago+208

    How did matpat get away with roasting ricegum and odd1sout didn’t

  • Yip Yip
    Yip Yip 2 months ago+5

    V-bucks stands for vindertech-bucks

  • Logan Westbrook
    Logan Westbrook 14 days ago+3

    You should remake this video
    because now the whole lore has
    Been solved

  • Rzi4
    Rzi4 6 days ago+3

    Matpat: since there’s no changes to the map
    Me a fortnite boi: SEASON 7!!!!!!

  • Cupcake 6743
    Cupcake 6743 3 months ago+7

    neather but still a little fortnite o no im in 2019 now and agrees with the Venus bucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    game theory forever

  • VidEvage
    VidEvage a years ago+1397

    That opening sums up RiceGum. 100%
    Aren't you a curious cat? Curious enough to give me a go?