Eminem - Lucky You ft. Joyner Lucas

  • Published on:  9/13/2018
  • From the album Kamikaze, out now: http://shady.sr/Kamikazehttp://eminem.comhttp://facebook.com/eminemhttp://twitter.com/eminemhttp://instagram.com/eminemhttp://eminem.tumblr.comhttp://shadyrecords.comhttp://facebook.com/shadyrecordshttp://twitter.com/shadyrecordshttp://instagram.com/shadyrecordshttp://trustshady.tumblr.comMusic video by Eminem performing Lucky You. © 2018 Aftermath Recordshttp://vevo.ly/0XH5c8


  • Omega Entertainment 8 months ago

    Like if Joyner Lucas is Underrated

  • Jeremiah Trejo 19 hours ago

    He obviously ain't underrated if Eminem noticed him enough to get him on a track

  • Ronan Romano an hour ago

    @Lugash Sutton *underrated

  • KoLazar 23 days ago

    In school I was taught that fire needs oxygen to be createdEminem proved it wrong

  • SacredGaming HD an hour ago

    PUGHIE you don’t get it man.... you don’t get it...

  • TK Podcast 2 days ago


  • Demented Shaman 24 days ago

    I can't decide which song is better. Eminem and Joyner - Lucky YouEminem and Logic - HomicideLogic and Joyner - Isisman, I've been on this shit for weeks. Epic!

  • Tupac Shakur 24 minutes ago

    Lucky you

  • F7 CITY 39 minutes ago

    easily lucky you

  • JiZz2Xtreme 22 days ago

    The only time when doing a dab is okay is when Eminem does it..

  • Oh yeah chungus 2 hours ago

    Siddarth Niraj Dude come on, that’s like the cringeist thing ever said

  • Siddarth Niraj 2 hours ago

    @Oh yeah chungus why , bru?

  • clash gamming 23 days ago

    This how long eminem will live | |\/

  • Uninstall Bruh 14 hours ago

    526 HE WONT DIE XD

  • BaconStar101 2 days ago

    bruh aight whoever changed 420is gay !

  • Kareem Majeens 10 months ago

    *If you can't beat Em...Joyn' Em.*

  • Tyler Winningham 2 days ago

    Lol no shit

  • Cough* 300th comment. This is sparrrtttaaaa!

  • 0% nudity0% bragging about girls1% drugs (ketamine and methamphetamine were mentioned in the fast verse by Eminem)94% skill5% dabbing

  • Honest Bear 12 minutes ago


  • Daniel Campbell 56 minutes ago

    Ur math skills SUCK.

  • Anonymous Gaming 24 days ago

    Just heard this song for the hundredth time...Lucky me

  • @walter_king nicolas livestreams and more! it's what every white girl does though.

  • Aay Waters an hour ago


  • Dustin Ng 10 days ago

    Couple grammys? Man! Eminem won 15 of them and he rap about it like he didn't care. I Respect to you Eminem, I will and always be your Stan

  • Dee Lite Fool 4 hours ago

    He won an Oscar too.

  • ubiquitous panda 5 days ago

    @Dustin Ng chill man dont take it personally he just didn't know

  • the gamer pro 1234 26 days ago

    0%nudity0%talking about money 0% talking bout drugs100%skill

  • the gamer pro 1234 2 hours ago

    Safe up I did not stealanything bitch

  • Caige Yerman an hour ago

    the gamer pro 1234 100% concentrated power of will