Who Stole One of World’s Most Venomous Spiders From Philadelphia Insectarium?

  • Published on:  9/1/2018
  • A six-eyed sand spider is among 7,000 live creatures stolen from the Philadelphia Insectarium & Butterfly Pavilion. Surveillance video shows several suspects loading plastic containers into a car in broad daylight outside the insectarium before driving away, taking more than $40,000 worth of critters with them. Bizarrely, they left behind blue staff uniforms, which were impaled on a wall with steak knives. A Mexican fireleg tarantula was also stolen, but has since been recovered.


  • CHRISXTR3M3GAMING 9 months ago

    Amazing how they have cameras outside, but not inside where they have the world's most venomous spider in an easily accessible tank.

  • Midwest Music 5 months ago

    CHRISXTR3M3GAMING My guess is that who on earth would want to steal a population of potentially lethal insects in the first place 😨

  • Nischal Joshi 9 months ago

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  • Wendy Cao 23 days ago

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    Team rocket back at it again.

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    This deserves more likes than it has.

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  • Akihiko Hayashi 9 months ago

    The spider burying itself is strangely adorable...Judge me all you want O.o

  • Esha 18 days ago

    Akihiko Hayashi ikr

  • L Star 9 months ago

    Most deadly...poisonous spider...stolen...and now *out in the world where it can make babies* hi so Venus looks like a good place to live

  • Peggy Schuyler 20 days ago

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  • Jordann Owings 23 days ago

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  • Jamie Bennett 9 months ago

    AFTER SOME RESEARCH I FOUND THIS:Apparently it was two ex-workers. Whether they were ex-workers at the time or ex-workers now because of what happened, wasn't made clear... But this came from Newser:"Police have found the suspects, searched their homes, and returned a few creatures—including a colorful Mexican fireleg tarantula—but the highly venomous six-eyed sand spider is among many kidnapped critters still missing."Insurance does not cover this and they opened a gofundme page.HOWEVER...

  • Maybe they took the insects to sell them.

  • Porter Shabazz 11 days ago

    @b king they destroyed no property but whatever.

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  • DdAaVvIiDd 5 days ago

    “Animal is gone on a Travel Show” lol 😂

  • Mason Stone 9 months ago

    It was probably PETA members angry about the enslavement of insects 🙄 yet facilitating the euthanizing of 90% of the animals they claim to save. Remember when they got mad at Obama for killing a house fly

  • Dalayza Vilchez 3 months ago

    Yeah Lol hahha

  • Alex S 9 months ago

    Welp. Time to burn the city of Philadelphia to the ground.