Who Stole One of World’s Most Venomous Spiders From Philadelphia Insectarium?

  • Published on:  9/1/2018
  • A six-eyed sand spider is among 7,000 live creatures stolen from the Philadelphia Insectarium & Butterfly Pavilion. Surveillance video shows several suspects loading plastic containers into a car in broad daylight outside the insectarium before driving away, taking more than $40,000 worth of critters with them. Bizarrely, they left behind blue staff uniforms, which were impaled on a wall with steak knives. A Mexican fireleg tarantula was also stolen, but has since been recovered.


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    The robbers have recently been found dead next to the spider

  • Flamecrew9 At roblox
    Flamecrew9 At roblox 11 months ago+669

    Team rocket back at it again.

  • Akihiko Hayashi
    Akihiko Hayashi 11 months ago+607

    The spider burying itself is strangely adorable...
    Judge me all you want O.o

  • L Star
    L Star 11 months ago+378

    Most deadly...poisonous spider...stolen...and now out in the world where it can make babies hi so Venus looks like a good place to live

  • Jamie Bennett
    Jamie Bennett 11 months ago+387

    Apparently it was two ex-workers. Whether they were ex-workers at the time or ex-workers now because of what happened, wasn't made clear... But this came from Newser:
    "Police have found the suspects, searched their homes, and returned a few creatures—including a colorful Mexican fireleg tarantula—but the highly venomous six-eyed sand spider is among many kidnapped critters still missing."
    Insurance does not cover this and they opened a gofundme page.
    Upon further review on their yelp page, it has saddened me to find out that this place actually takes very poor care of the creatures. SEVERAL comments stated that there were MANY dead butterflies because kids were allowed to run around and grab them, of which staff did nothing about. Several more comments about how absolutely dirty the place is.
    There was also comments of other animals being treated poorly and reports of staff not being around to let talk to or get help from.
    Thus, I wonder if these people took the creatures to save them, hence the harsh message with the knifed shirts...
    Here is the yelp page: https://www.yelp.com/biz/philadelphia-insectarium-and-butterfly-pavilion-philadelphia?sort_by=rating_asc

  • Nischal Joshi
    Nischal Joshi 11 months ago+1370

    0:27 me hiding from my problems be like...

  • Mason Stone
    Mason Stone 11 months ago+91

    It was probably PETA members angry about the enslavement of insects 🙄 yet facilitating the euthanizing of 90% of the animals they claim to save. Remember when they got mad at Obama for killing a house fly

  • Batman9000 Im your next nightmare

    ALEXA is this place close to here
    ALEXA: It is just down the street
    ME: ✈

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    “Animal is gone on a Travel Show” lol 😂

  • Alex S
    Alex S 11 months ago+18

    Welp. Time to burn the city of Philadelphia to the ground.

    CHRISXTR3M3GAMING 11 months ago+1659

    Amazing how they have cameras outside, but not inside where they have the world's most venomous spider in an easily accessible tank.

  • Da Hai Zhu
    Da Hai Zhu 11 months ago+48

    Arachnids at an insectarium?
    And no security or locked cages with venomous creatures?

  • Jay Jay
    Jay Jay 11 months ago+54

    If there looking for insects to steal they can come to my house and steal all the roaches ants and spiders in my house lol

  • Omega Fern
    Omega Fern 6 months ago+6

    When you wanna become spider man

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    Time to nuke Philadelphia

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    gotta throw the whole Philadelphia away now

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    Describing me when I bury my self in my covers and someone walks in

  • Addi Kayy
    Addi Kayy 11 months ago+5

    Yes, it could rot 25% of their body...
    It's not a big deal guys! (:

  • bitch hitch a ride
    bitch hitch a ride 7 months ago+5

    The real question is...
    Who would steal it?😳

  • NipChip
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    0:27 me when my mom wakes me up
    (I just put the pillow over my head