Novak Djokovic vs Roger Federer Wimbledon 2019 final highlights

  • Published on:  7/14/2019
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  • My skill world -Cyril Jacob
    My skill world -Cyril Jacob 1 months ago+5220

    He didn't crush Federer but he crushed the arrogant British crowd.

  • Dalmatinac3
    Dalmatinac3 1 months ago+1248

    The English really know how to create enemies. There were people who didnt even stand to cheer or clap for Djokovic when he won. So arrogant and selfish.

  • Psych Megh
    Psych Megh 1 months ago+260

    "When people chants, Roger. I heard 'Novak'. That's how positive Djoker is.

  • domo so
    domo so 1 months ago+901

    Crowd: Two match point, lets go ROGER!
    Nole: Hold my beer.

  • ranks 1975
    ranks 1975 1 months ago+457

    Pure mental strength from Djokovic! A true warrior doesn't need anyone but himself to defeat his opponents. This man doesn't get the credit he deserves. 👊🏿

  • Hasan Haque
    Hasan Haque 1 months ago+3900

    I'm a huge Federer fan but I would be stupid not to appreciate Novak's mental game. Dude had everything and basically everyone against him but still managed to pull it off.

  • musa khan14
    musa khan14 1 months ago+226

    The crowd was zero but djokovic was a hero!

  • Dalmatinac3
    Dalmatinac3 1 months ago+301

    Djokovic basically beat Federer and the crowd at the same time. *

  • Tina Tini
    Tina Tini 1 months ago+657

    Djoković is my new hero. Whenever i feel scared or hurt in the future, i will always remember that there was a man who had to fight against more then 15k people, who tried to put him down and disrespected him constantly, yet he still manage to stay calm and manage to win against all of this cruel bitches that wanted him to lose. He probably felt way too much emotions and that's probably why he played really bad in the beginning, it was distracting him. He decided that he's better then them and did what he had to do. I watched his interviews, such an inspirational, strong, beautiful, amazing yet rare person. GOAT 🐐

  • Nick Mean
    Nick Mean 1 months ago+512

    Three words : Stupid English crowd!

  • Archangel Tyrael
    Archangel Tyrael 1 months ago+3417

    This match was longer than the entire woman’s tournament.

  • Naveen Chaitanya
    Naveen Chaitanya 1 months ago+464

    That sarcastic smile on the crowd from Djokovic though..😆

  • Shanthan Ananth
    Shanthan Ananth 1 months ago+261

    The fact that Djokovic didn't even acknowledge the crowd after the win speaks everything!! Coz he ripped them apart twice in the middle by saving 2 championship points :P GOAT Nole _/\_

  • Mash Eclokin
    Mash Eclokin 1 months ago+200

    Congrats to our Serbian brothers & massive respect to Novak from Macedonia!

  • K Big
    K Big 1 months ago+81

    Why crowd cheering Federer only? Don't understand.. Isn't it open in ENGLAND ??? So call GENTLEMEN'S country?? I think it's NOT! Stupid. Congrats to Novak!!!!!!!

  • 이보안디인
    이보안디인 1 months ago+3086

    I watched the full match but still cant understand how djokovic won this.. how strong his mentality is

  • Yes We Can
    Yes We Can 1 months ago+60

    Nole didn't defeat fed only but whole stadium too, great mentality ,
    He didn't crush Federer but he crushed the arrogant British crowd.

  • Alex Martinovic
    Alex Martinovic 1 months ago+531

    The fact is that UK was offering citizenship and government support to Novak when he was a junior to play for the UK.
    Lawn Tennis Association president in that time Roger Draper and Greg
    Rusedski both confirmed this as did Novak's parents.
    Of course Novak didn't accept and chose to face uncertainty, but under Serbian flag.
    He become a self made man and that is something the English elite cannot forgive or forget

  • Ilias Attar
    Ilias Attar 1 months ago+100

    everyone at the stadium is against novak and he didn't crumble

  • Tolga Canturk
    Tolga Canturk 1 months ago+102

    I only came for the see that smile again 10:47