iPhone XR Impressions: All of the Colors!



  • Claudiu B.
    Claudiu B. 9 hours ago

    3:30 actually video starts here

  • Mary Iwuoha
    Mary Iwuoha 5 days ago

    I kind of really like the quirkiness of the yellow :)
    The neutral-ness of the white/black- can slap on whatever the fudge I want
    And the regal-ness of the Red

  • cqlove12
    cqlove12 10 days ago+1

    Does it make phone calls?

  • Evie Wright
    Evie Wright 14 days ago

    I can’t decide out of the coral and the white... which one do I get????

  • Saiful Bahrin
    Saiful Bahrin 15 days ago

    Meanwhile in other news, “Microsoft Overtook Apple as World’s Most Valuable Company”. 😆😆

  • Zinxy
    Zinxy 17 days ago+5

    І bought yesterdаy in а very goоd priсe hеre: *vdigital. info*

  • Nicolas Riley
    Nicolas Riley 17 days ago

    should I get a red one or a white one

  • Olivia Ward
    Olivia Ward 18 days ago

    What color is the yellow because some videos make it look like a light yellow then others make it look super bright

  • Mehwish Kazi
    Mehwish Kazi 18 days ago

    Yellow and red is best 💛❤

  • Eyelash
    Eyelash 18 days ago+1

    Even my iPad mini 2 has *better screen quality and I can watch 1080p on YouTube LOL!!!

  • SM Animations
    SM Animations 19 days ago

    R stands for Retina

  • Tea Spilt
    Tea Spilt 21 days ago

    What cases go with the red tho to look girly ish

  • RsS6 JKaY
    RsS6 JKaY 22 days ago

    Does it make much of a difference from 720p to 1080p

  • Jboy2K
    Jboy2K 23 days ago

    You nerds worry bout the screen resolution, stfu already bruu

  • Khaliyah
    Khaliyah 25 days ago

    I’m so indecisive about the color to get if I choose this. My favorite is Product Red but since I don’t replace my phone very often I’m afraid I’ll get tired of the color.
    Currently I have a Silver iPhone 6s If I didn’t get Product Red I would get either the black to match the bezels or a white (but that emphasizes the thick bezels).
    If I choose this phone which of these three colors should I get?

  • jjj locs
    jjj locs 27 days ago

    iphone XR best iphone out rn tf lol

  • Lauren Westmin
    Lauren Westmin 28 days ago

    is it just me who think that most the colours are actually really ugly?

  • Lillian Chilson
    Lillian Chilson 29 days ago

    I think this phone is awesome and it’s really not that bad

  • CynicalArtist
    CynicalArtist 29 days ago

    By below 1080p does that mean videos you recorded are gonna be 720p-ish or things like Netflix and YouTube are all gonna be 720p?

  • Sean Ross
    Sean Ross a months ago