[ITZY? ITZY!] EP7. 데뷔 날의 있지!



  • Fancy TWICE
    Fancy TWICE 5 months ago+1633

    CONGRATULATIONS For Dalla Dalla‘s 6th WIN! ❤️

  • TWICE Stray kids ITZY make me happy

    JYP can you please put English sub again? TT
    and we want a official instagram account
    Please and thank u

  • 플이
    플이 5 months ago+1992

    RYUJIN in thumbnail... My heart boom!❤

  • Fancy TWICE
    Fancy TWICE 5 months ago+1214

    ITZY breaks S.E.S' 22-year-old record for the girl group with most debut music show wins

  • Cly Chan
    Cly Chan 5 months ago+851

    Ryujin is so beautiful that I forgot what crush is
    Edit: 3:44 who else can't breathe?

  • itzy midzy ryujinie
    itzy midzy ryujinie 5 months ago+662

    We love you our center, Ryujin 💓

  • Chengy
    Chengy 5 months ago+487

    3:42 Ryujin nose-scrunch + kiss is a killer combo I'm literally dead 😫❤️

  • arf cci
    arf cci 5 months ago+317

    Ryujin's kiss in the end give me a heart attack ahhhhhhh

  • Nurwahyu Azizah. AR
    Nurwahyu Azizah. AR 5 months ago+407

    ryujin i love you💙💙💙💙, like this💖💖💖

  • Anito Chishi
    Anito Chishi 5 months ago+195

    Ryujin is so different while performing.
    A girl crush onstage and cute squishy offstage....I LOVE HER

  • AngelNextToLove
    AngelNextToLove 5 months ago+96

    3:43 It'z official. Ryujin is my bias. The eye contact, the scrunched nose and the kiss did it for me.

  • Tae's tummy enthusiast
    Tae's tummy enthusiast 5 months ago+294

    Ryujin is so cute
    She's like a soft teddy bear
    I wanna pinch her cheeks

  • Chewy Yoda
    Chewy Yoda 5 months ago+1045


  • matetei chawngthu
    matetei chawngthu 5 months ago+200

    RYUJIN.....IS SO PRETTY!!!😍😍😍

  • ThaMonkeySquad
    ThaMonkeySquad 5 months ago+640

    I always use ryujin on my thumbnails ❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍

  • RyuShinTaeChaeChaengJenMi BlackBangTwice

    Ryujin why so cute!!
    I feel bad because of your visual
    You have too much visual!!

  • Koro Hentai
    Koro Hentai 5 months ago+144

    Ryujin as the thumbnail can added 10 years to my lifespan😍💘

  • Rinonce Wening
    Rinonce Wening 5 months ago+189

    Ryujin, stop make my heart beats so fast

  • my name is el
    my name is el 5 months ago+307

    i see Ryujin in thumbnail and i click so fast because she so cute 😍

  • Koro Hentai
    Koro Hentai 5 months ago+202

    Ryujin as the thumbnail can added 10 years to my lifespan😍💘