Gordon Shocked That Chef Isn't Allowed To Season His Food | Kitchen Nightmares



  • "He seemed very confrontational."Says the guy dressed in all black and sunglasses who walked in like a Bond villain without cracking a smile.

  • Bright Garinson 2 hours ago

    He's more of a fag than the waiter.

  • Dark Cinammon 11 hours ago

    LMAO Exactly

  • Bill Ross 1 months ago

    That owners entrance looks like an introduction of a city crime boss

  • Harrydaw1 11 hours ago

    Looks like some meeting with like the joker and the riddler preparing to raid Gotham city bank 😂😂😂

  • Roaming Gnome yesterday

    He reminded me of Gene Simmons without the glasses.

  • Devil Shoez 2 months ago

    Gordon isn't the evil devil everyone thinks he is.Not until you serve him the food anyway.

  • Hannah Grunewald 4 hours ago

    It’s because a you can get sick and a chief needs to be able to take what Gordon is throwing that them he is trying to help them not hurt them

  • Woomyand Veemo 9 hours ago

    Trevor, HE DOEs it , TO help the better of THEM

  • BLT4LIFE 2 months ago

    We need Ramsay to do a walk-through in some school kitchens.

  • Kuroshi Okami 2 hours ago

    Our school's food is actually nice but way overpriced

  • Lashawna Madden yesterday

    My school beef patty looks like shet

  • Cheesvake 2 months ago

    Gordon always creates this atmosphere of Gordon and staff vs the owners.

  • Kyem yesterday

    Because it is always the owner/managers fault, either it's them personally or they refuse to fire the people causing it making it Thier fault anyway.

  • blivvy 9 days ago

    Actually, there's been a few episodes of his shows where the staff were incompetent and in one instance he had to talk the owner into taking charge and throwing out several staff members they were too uncomfortable to confront without his prompting.Bad owners create the atmosphere of Gordn vs the owners, and competent staff tend to take his side instead of defending someone who's clearly the one who needs to learn how to do their job in the restaurant.

  • Levi Pinkhasov 2 months ago

    “Is he paying for this?”You’re a joke.

  • Nick Gur 11 hours ago

    My, my, why wouldn't I want a woman who sits on their ass all day looking pretty and fucking Chad behind my back while I work my ass off trying to pamper her and cater to her every need?You MGTOWs really are a bunch of manchildren! Who could resist the yeast ridden, baggy, post wall pussy?

  • Light 9 days ago

    @zonescat eh not true, there's a lot of great girls out there, likewise for men but those people are rare to find. I'm certain that a lot of people here are more decent than you think... But hey, you choose to judge the masses

  • Dr Baffles918 19 days ago

    no one:Michael: My name is Steven if u need anything let me know

  • Kuroshi Okami 2 hours ago

    What's the problem with you guys? His name is actually Timmy!

  • Camalia Hammond 14 hours ago

    Dr Baffles918 he acts gay

  • VPL Raeda 2 months ago

    *Asks two questions*"I thought he was confrontational."You what?

  • Sassy Monkey 1 months ago

    The way the owner entered the restaurant was very confrontational. His body language spoke volumes. And to ask Gordon to pay, when he's about to provide you with free national advertisement and invest God knows how much money into your failing establishment is absurd. The owner has serious control issues. When someone saves your business, show some gratitude.

  • Kalyn W. 1 months ago

    VPL Raeda That’s what cracked me up too! 🤣

  • Prashant Lonikar 2 months ago

    Gordon with his daughters:What movie do you want to watch?_Frozen_You donkeys!

  • Bright Garinson 2 hours ago


  • Pherris Hill  2 months ago

    I really understand why Gordon swears so much. It’s the only thing stopping him from beating the absolute piss out of these pretentious type owners. Seriously why invite someone who you know tells it like it is to your restaurant and then get your knickers in a not like he’s being obnoxious and rude. Stuff me!Frankly Gordon deserves a flippin medal for continuing with this kind of rubbish. On the other hand Michael I mean Steven seems like a chipper young man. Probably the reason people actually...

  • Pherris Hill 17 days ago

    anthony psilocybin CHEERS 🥂 TO THAT MATE 😉

  • anthony psilocybin 22 days ago

    @Pherris Hill london is a depressing garbage hole. Annoying accent. People with garbage teeth nothing to do over there but drink with your "mates" lmao. Everything there is depressing.