an unhelpful guide to TWICE | Reaction!!!

  • Published on:  12/10/2018
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  • Kali Marquez
    Kali Marquez 8 months ago+1197

    momo can easily make you pregnant
    "Okay I'm ready to have a baby" LOL 😂😂😂

  • AnkoMitarashi -
    AnkoMitarashi - 8 months ago+929

    ...Anyone else very unsatisfied with this unhelpful guide?

  • na1862
    na1862 8 months ago+401

    By the way, Dahyun was accepted in all the big 3 companies (JYP, YG, SM) but she chose JYP in the end

  • emily m
    emily m 8 months ago+756

    “I will be pregnant, have my kid and then die” 😂

  • Darby Kathleen
    Darby Kathleen 8 months ago+1768

    "nico nico niii" "I think i'm pregnant" 😂😂😂 bruh im dead
    edit: Wow thanks for the love people, this crazyy💜

  • Daryl U
    Daryl U 8 months ago+670

    I was hoping u wouldn’t do this specific guide in particular because it’s so brief and barely explains anything 😅. Not that this guide is bad it’s just there were better ones. Still a great video and I hope u dive more into twice. They’re not my bias group but they’re arguably the funniest and most rewarding kpop groups to get in to for sure.

  • Can't Park Jihyo She's a Train

    A TWICE reaction?? Early Christmas present from Bris 😍😍
    about the guide. I personally don’t like this one you saw as it may leave the wrong impression of TWICE to newcomers. Some of the members here shone more than the others, others talents weren’t shown or were straight up butchered by showing the wrong clip, didn’t show any of their real talents outside from their MVs that would have definitely surprised newcomers and those who only knows TWICE’s level of talent by the stigma brought upon by haters, and some of the funny moments were incomplete or weren’t elaborate enough for someone like Bris to understand the whole context on what makes the scene funny. I feel that Bris really wants to learn more about TWICE but this really ain’t the best first impression, Bris was just being nice. There are tons of videos out there that will get you stanning them hard for sure Bris. I recommend you react to their recent live performances, covers of Beyonce and Ariana Grande, dances to Havana and Gashina, funny or talent cuts from Idol Room or Knowing Bros, and TWICE on Crack by Black White.
    I’ll be making my own guide in the future that would get newcomers stanning or at least respect every member without bias. Thx for the TWICE reaction, really appreciate them ^^

  • Ne Hirai
    Ne Hirai 8 months ago+263

    Can you do “Things that sound like fake subs but are not” twice ver.

  • Brenda pereira
    Brenda pereira 8 months ago+199

    Please react to Momo dance:
    [Hit The Stage][Full] Vampire Momo’s Bloody Dance
    [Hit The Stage][Full] Momo falling for ‘Dangerous Love’
    I promise you, you're going to love it!

  • Sofi
    Sofi 8 months ago+132

    react to twice as a gay drama

  • Zion
    Zion 8 months ago+45

    tzuyu is actually pronounced ‘chewie’

  • ElCee
    ElCee 8 months ago+41

    Damn i cringed so hard when they labelled jeongyeon as "twice's oppa" STOP✋MAKING🤚HER✋OUT✋AS✋MASCULINE. Jeong doesn't like being referred to as masculine at ALL she has repeated said it many times on tv/radio that she doesn't like it and it hurts her as a person.

  • You’re my son?-IM CHANGKYUN

    Unhelpful guide to seventeen
    Unhelpful guide to Ikon
    Unhelpful guide to Monsta X
    Unhelpful guide to Big Bang

  • Miri V.
    Miri V. 8 months ago+67

    Please, react to Twice funny moments:)

  • Sage Rivers
    Sage Rivers 8 months ago +37

    I'm pretty sure thats the most troll "guide" out there. Kind of a shame that he didnt watch one of the actually helpful ones lol

  • Marcell Panggabean
    Marcell Panggabean 8 months ago+32

    As the video title suggest, that video is an "Unhelpful" guide to Twice. Those kinds of videos are basically a bunch of inside jokes from the group, the newcomer won't understand it very much hahah.

  • elven king thranduil
    elven king thranduil 8 months ago+32

    Kim dahyun is going to be your bias mark my words

  • Erin Choi
    Erin Choi 8 months ago+18

    Dayhun can also spot cameras. CAMERA QUEEN!!

  • Muhammad Anjar
    Muhammad Anjar 8 months ago+34

    Dont forget TWICE Comeback tomorrow 👍👍

  • Zulfakar Hazmi
    Zulfakar Hazmi 8 months ago+58

    React to Twice I Want You Back MV