Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus vs iPhone XS Max DROP Test!



  • TechSmartt
    TechSmartt 5 months ago+4659

    giveaway time 😈 @techsmartt @phonerebel

  • Aizad
    Aizad 4 months ago+1647

    It only breaks when you drop it by accident😉

  • I will oof
    I will oof 2 months ago+230

    1:23 "this is Samsungs most durable device ever in fact this can be one of most durable phones on the market right now"
    Nokia 3310: am I a joke to you?

  • i n f i n i t e T y l e r
    i n f i n i t e T y l e r 1 months ago+236

    Why are people speechless when iPhone wins but when Samsung wins they get all crazy over it

  • Akyem Prince
    Akyem Prince 1 months ago+105

    Who else felt hurt a little inside when they cracked

  • Kraigasm
    Kraigasm 1 months ago+108

    Yeah the s10 maybe a little more brittle but the repairs that samsung will do are cheap af. Apple will charge 10x more. So S10 still wins for me

  • James S
    James S 5 months ago+1481

    Moral of the story, glass is still glass.

  • Nothing But Toys
    Nothing But Toys 1 months ago+41

    Dude the iPhone sounds like a brick when it falls 😂

    MRBEAST FAN 9 hours ago

    The thing I want to say is even how good apple is still fan samsung cause it survived I accidentally drop it almost 10 feet with no case or screen on and nothing broke🤣(maybe I'm lucky) but I'm a huge samsung fan.

  • Ishtiaq Ali
    Ishtiaq Ali yesterday

    Guys did you noticed whenever they are dropping samsung s10 plus they are showing from dropping point to ground but when they are dropping iPhone only showing ground I think they are dropping iPhone from lower height

  • Connor Garry
    Connor Garry 6 days ago+8

    Wait, so both phones break when you drop them 20 times?

  • Optillian
    Optillian 5 months ago+320

    I expected a fanboy war in the comments. Glad to be wrong.

  • 「lavender cookie」
    「lavender cookie」 6 days ago+9

    For your phone to not break and die
    Step 1: Put a case and screen protector
    Step 2:

  • First Name Last Name
    First Name Last Name 12 hours ago

    Next time put it in your pocket and drop it intentionally when you pull it out of your pocket like how accidents happen. Maybe it will make a difference. Just saying


    The taller boy's voice cant be heard properly!

  • Eagle Rifle
    Eagle Rifle 1 months ago+16

    I honestly don't like the dropping test video...

  • Ian Anderson
    Ian Anderson 3 days ago+1

    Really surprised the iPhone did so well. Can't remember the last time I saw someone without a cracked iphone screen.

  • Tushar Choudhary
    Tushar Choudhary 3 days ago+1

    Looks like iPhone Xs is inspired from Nokia

  • ChippiesChips
    ChippiesChips 7 days ago+10

    "The fingerprint sensor gets way too difficult to use"
    Meanwhile iPhone doesn't even have a fingerprint sensor 🤔

  • pizza atwenna
    pizza atwenna 2 days ago

    this is the only collab that i approve of