Quick D: Static Helicopter Blades

  • Published on:  8/12/2019
  • Captain Disillusion gets pedantic about the description of a common camera effect.Please consider supporting my videos on http://www.patreon.com/CaptainDisillu...Join the CD Discord server! I might show up for some Q/A: https://www.cddiscord.info/discordVideo being discussed: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yr3ng...Guest - Matt Parker: http://www.youtube.com/standupmaths


  • Makyx
    Makyx 7 days ago+4053

    Casualy brings on mathematician to tell him 3*60 is 180

  • Taran Van Hemert
    Taran Van Hemert 7 days ago+2948

    God, I love how he wasted Matt Parker's appearance.

  • IllPropaganda
    IllPropaganda 7 days ago+1424

    "Love with your heart, use your head for everything else."

  • Lojical
    Lojical 7 days ago+492

    Ever get a suspicious feeling when two Youtubers release vaguely similar videos at the same time?
    Me neither.

  • J. Anthony Ashley
    J. Anthony Ashley 7 days ago+229

    This guy reminds me of those 2000s basic cable educational shows. Nostalgic. :D

  • John Castrucci
    John Castrucci 7 days ago+128

    Ever thought of doing a collaboration with the Corridor Digital guys?

  • Teddy Hwang
    Teddy Hwang 7 days ago+113

    I thought there was going to be a skillshare ad when he brought up him installing the ceiling fan just by himself

  • Undercover Gamer
    Undercover Gamer 7 days ago+60

    Stops moving fan with hands
    Me: I shall bow to my overlord

  • Jay Sucks At YouTube
    Jay Sucks At YouTube 7 days ago+44

    What's Matt Parker good for?
    Cap Dis: Comedic effect.

  • Justsomeguy yep
    Justsomeguy yep 7 days ago+1480

    He has to paint his face every video
    Captain dedication

  • Jason Finley
    Jason Finley 7 days ago+105

    In the decade I've been watching, production quality never ceases to amaze me. Fantastic as always CD.

  • spambot71
    spambot71 yesterday

    how about instead of just making a joke about seizures, you actually warn people before flashing the screen

  • Almost Canadian
    Almost Canadian 7 hours ago

    Or just watch a movie. Look at car tires, if the frame rate is faster than the rotation the wheels look like they're spinning backwards

  • Calkin Garg
    Calkin Garg 14 hours ago

    They have also created a miss pong video to get even with you captain. Can you debunk that too?

  • Alex Paluzzi
    Alex Paluzzi 7 days ago+1823

    Capt D and Matt Parker. Easy thumbs up all around.

  • ChrisIsRedBeard
    ChrisIsRedBeard yesterday

    I did a lab in my engineering undergrad where we shined a strobe light at a motor to get the RPM's so that we could calculate the power output. It was pretty nifty.

  • waptek0
    waptek0 yesterday

    3:00 i can say without one ounce of irony
    'this is literally how it feels to work with this

  • Sskrimp_TeX •
    Sskrimp_TeX • 7 days ago+23

    The helicopter was just asserting dominance over us foolish humans by T-Posing

  • Bryan de Paepe
    Bryan de Paepe 7 days ago+13

    Nice cover story, it's really a matrix glitch being reflected off the flat earth.

  • A-
    A- 2 days ago

    I have a question, if humans were to drill a hole from one side of the earth to the other side (ignoring the core and danger) would you be flipped upside down and defy gravity or would you just slowly be standing on the ground?