70th Emmy Awards: Henry Winkler Wins For Outstanding Supporting Actor In A Comedy Series

  • Published on:  9/18/2018
  • Henry Winkler wins the Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series for Barry!


  • bert smith
    bert smith 5 days ago

    There most likely isn't a person in that audience that doesn't share the exact same cultural connection with only one of the nominees, and that person is Henry Winkler as the Fonz. Few actors have ever done that. He deserved the award for just that amazing feat. I am happy for him.

  • Mary Graham
    Mary Graham 23 days ago

    43 yrs later. Long overdue. Great actor Henry Wrinkler -

  • I love Dean
    I love Dean 1 months ago

    I loved him in happy days so funny guy

  • Linny Crocus
    Linny Crocus 1 months ago

    If you stay at the table long enough the chips will come to you.
    Dang....I needed to hear that.

  • Caitlin Belforti
    Caitlin Belforti 1 months ago

    "comedy" series? I mean.....

  • bronco devil
    bronco devil 1 months ago

    For anyone who wins an emmy, repeat this kind of speech.

  • LupusAkira
    LupusAkira 1 months ago

    I read his books, the Hank Zipzer series, as a kid. His books got me into reading, which was a challenge for me at the time because I had dyslexia. Really happy to see him doing well. I'd love to meet him one day.

  • Chris Arseneault
    Chris Arseneault 2 months ago

    These award shows are s***. Henry should have won awards back in the Happy Days era. These award shows make up for it by giving him an award when they should have given him one years ago.

  • Johnny Skyfire
    Johnny Skyfire 2 months ago

    The nicest man in television finally wins an Emmy, long overdue

  • KiannaOshun
    KiannaOshun 2 months ago

    Nice guys finish last . ❤❤

  • Yuri Yuki
    Yuri Yuki 2 months ago

    "Kids! Kids! You can get to bed now ! Daddy won !!"
    I almost cry

  • hasan sakiz
    hasan sakiz 2 months ago


  • hittinskinz24
    hittinskinz24 2 months ago

    I met Henry a few years ago, and he is legit one of the nicest and sweetest human beings on the planet. Congratulations Henry! Long overdue!

  • Miami 808
    Miami 808 2 months ago

    Well deserving and very nice speech. You can tell everyone was genuinely happy he won.

  • Joseph timeisallwegot
    Joseph timeisallwegot 2 months ago

    wow. about time he won. had me crying.

  • Figs3
    Figs3 2 months ago

    Damn and I thought Jon Hamm never winning an Emmy was robbery.

  • robert bogert
    robert bogert 2 months ago+1

    If Henry winkler started a money scam would it be a Fonzi scheme?

  • twinky666666
    twinky666666 2 months ago


  • Mikishots
    Mikishots 2 months ago

    So awesome. Always loved Henry, was shocked that this was his first.

  • Lubbylove89
    Lubbylove89 2 months ago

    I was beyond pleased that he got that standing ovation. SO DESERVED.