70th Emmy Awards: Henry Winkler Wins For Outstanding Supporting Actor In A Comedy Series

  • Published on:  9/18/2018
  • Henry Winkler wins the Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series for Barry!


  • S C
    S C 11 months ago+719

    Henry Winkler, only married once, to the same woman, Stacy ( Henry is her second marriage), his wife of 40 years, his son and daughter are both in their late 30s. Henry Winkler was diagnosed with severe dyslexia at age 31, yet he has been in the industry , which requires reading and memorizing scripts, which has been his challenge for 40 years. This is a well deserved award for a hard working actor.

  • David Cervera
    David Cervera 11 months ago+685

    "I wrote this 43 years ago..." Brilliant!

  • debbiedoodiedandi
    debbiedoodiedandi 11 months ago+750

    They say he's the nicest guy in Hollywood, so I'm glad he finally won an Emmy.

  • Shelley Templar
    Shelley Templar 11 months ago+256

    I love how the other nominees all looked genuinely happy that Henry won :D

  • Ivan Paligutan
    Ivan Paligutan 11 months ago+272

    God y’all took 43 years to give this man an Emmy?!

  • rajivk91
    rajivk91 11 months ago+100

    there's something priceless about him telling his adult children to go to bed

  • Lisa van den Hoven
    Lisa van den Hoven 11 months ago+165

    Good for him. When he spoke to his kids, I thought they must be little (you can go to bed now, Daddy won) but they are in their thirties, lol.

  • Alan M
    Alan M 11 months ago+321

    The fonz, finally won, he should have won years ago, am really happy for him! You finally did it fonz!😎👍👍👍🍺🍻

  • Shadow Heart
    Shadow Heart 11 months ago+200

    Well deserved. He killed it in Arrested Development.

  • thelittledarkrose
    thelittledarkrose 11 months ago+105

    Couldn't have gone to a more deserving guy! He's a treasure!

  • SM
    SM 11 months ago+211

    I have met Mr. Winkler and he is a true gentleman. Congratulations!!!!!

  • kohatencl
    kohatencl 11 months ago+168

    Henry Winkler is such a nice person, no wonder he doesn't win many awards.

  • Kevin Haynes
    Kevin Haynes 11 months ago+73

    i bet Ron Howard is happy for Henry Winkler's Emmy Win

  • 47 and2
    47 and2 11 months ago+125

    the fonz. heyyyy!

  • William McCormick
    William McCormick 7 months ago+21

    The guy has been in the business for over 40 years. I've never heard anyone say a single bad thing about him. Such a great moment for him.

  • Amber Cherise
    Amber Cherise 11 months ago+142

    This one was SOOOOOOOOO HARD. This one could have gone in so many directions, and they all would have been wonderful!
    What a wonderful speech so full of heart!

  • time engineer
    time engineer 11 months ago+52

    This is wonderful. I grew up watching happy days and can't believe he never won anything for it.

  • Peter Nolan
    Peter Nolan 11 months ago+63

    Few actors can say they had developed an Icon. Sylvester Stallone and Henry Winkler are the only two that come to mind. Henry is the best. How much fun would it be to have him come over for Sunday dinner!

  • Andy Kashu
    Andy Kashu 11 months ago+61

    Truly happy for him. I've watched it alone and suddenly saw myself applauding too when I heard his name. Also nice to see how his co-nominees like Tony Shalhoub and Alec Baldwin are sincerely delighted for him to have won this thingy.

  • PIX Promos & More
    PIX Promos & More 11 months ago+64

    It's about DAMN Time!