The Best of CES 2019: Only the cream of the crop

  • Published on:  1/10/2019
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  • Freid 5 months ago

    This glasses don't look awkward? LoL

  • Ermuun Boldbaatar 5 months ago

    They look good compared to anything before it.

  • Richard Servello 5 months ago

    right? They look awful.

  • Shel DeMax 5 months ago

    In the wearable tech segment of this video the gentleman is wearing a healthwatch and his blood pressure comes back as 132/108 which is a grossly elevated diastolic blood pressure. He should see a physician about hypertension

  • SweetTea742 4 months ago

    Maybe he was running around before checking his pressure... But, I agree, It is high.

  • Steve Steranka 5 months ago

    And the best piece of tech was.... a cheeseburger! 🍔 🍔 🍔

  • Ray MacDhomhnuill 2 months ago

    It doesn't matter how much tech went into producing it, it's not a peice of electronics technology itself, and more specifically it is not a peice of consumer electronics. It does not deserve a Consumer Electronics award, unless they have a category to honor food vendors.. A lot of tech goes into growing crops, producing milk, breeding chickens, cattle, GMO plants, etc, but none of those items are peices of technology in and of themselves or even consumer electronics items. Get real.

  • Just A Fan 5 months ago

    Correction* Veganburger.

  • Pepe's bodega 5 months ago

    Lab grown meat =/= vegetable

  • read description

  • Victor Greenwood 4 months ago

    No shit

  • Anna Madita 5 months ago

    I do not agree at all with any of your choices

  • Just A Fan 5 months ago

    Anna Madita I agree! This list is bullsh**.

  • SparkyMTB 5 months ago

    Soooo... no mention of the new see through TVs...It’s going to revolutionise shop windows & marketing in the future.. I guess it’s still a way off before you see it everywhere..

  • streetmagik 5 months ago

    The tech has been around for commercial use for many years. It's not new, just new enhancements of said tech.

  • Jordan Inaan 5 months ago

    i guess they were so see through engadget didn't get to see them.

  • Happy John 4 months ago

    0:22 Note to self: Undercover Boss10:15 PM1/30/2019

  • blue280485 5 months ago

    Cool tech @CES 👌 I was waiting for Best Drone Tech...but it never came😫

  • Usman Tariq 5 months ago

    Wow electronic show winner is a burger. Wow

  • Brandon Rains 5 months ago

    When I think CES, I always think of new flavor of vegan patties

  • Smith 5 months ago

    @THE KILLA It's not really fake it's just artificial. Structurally it's the same as meat.

  • THE KILLA 5 months ago

    yummy fake beef aaahhhhh