Trisha Paytas Reveals the Truth About Jason Nash & David Dobrik (Exclusive)



  • Did ya Now
    Did ya Now 2 months ago+2064

    This is how many times she did a fake laugh

  • Alexina Llanos
    Alexina Llanos 2 months ago+788

    only reason this vid is getting views is because it has david and jason’s name in the title

  • Trippy OldSchoolHippie
    Trippy OldSchoolHippie 2 months ago+997

    This is probably the worst video I've ever watched. I'm super disappointed in myself lmao.

  • American Made
    American Made 2 months ago+94

    She's the farthest thing from an Icon....she's a pathological liar, with serious mental problems that she refuses to get help for. Stop stanning these train wrecks.

  • allison smith
    allison smith 2 months ago+5154

    Am I the only one that thinks she paid ET to interview her?!?!?

  • Yeah Buddy
    Yeah Buddy 2 months ago+387

    Ummm rude calling david a "snake." Yet she is the one who threw people under the bus who had nothing to do with her and Jason

  • Allie Adams
    Allie Adams 1 months ago+220

    i love how david doesnt even respond to any of this crap because he is smart and really just doesnt care

  • Jake Whiston
    Jake Whiston 1 months ago+226

    She called David a snake, WHEN SHE TRIED TO CANCEL HIM WTF

  • Sandra Marquez
    Sandra Marquez 1 months ago+211

    I love that she excepts David to talk to her after she made that video all about him being a monster

  • Angelica Ruiz
    Angelica Ruiz 2 months ago+2500

    david was smart enough to disassociate himself from her lol

  • Brittani Bee
    Brittani Bee 2 months ago+263

    Girl you CANNNOTTT carry a tune lmao who lied to you?

  • Afajw 01
    Afajw 01 1 months ago+154

    I love how she’s the only one still dwelling on the whole situation and everybody else has moved on 😂

  • Blond Yogi
    Blond Yogi 2 months ago+139

    “I’d rather be real than lie about how I’m feeling.”
    As she fake laughs through the entire interview.

  • Bethel _
    Bethel _ 2 months ago+86

    This is a new low, even for ET...

  • Miss Marinara
    Miss Marinara 2 months ago+115

    Jesus Christ, thank god Jason left while he still can. Can u imagine if they actually got married?

  • SunflowerSamantha 721
    SunflowerSamantha 721 2 months ago+88

    My 90 year old great grandma Gertrude has better style.

  • Dmitri Ramkissoon
    Dmitri Ramkissoon 2 months ago+51

    "Jason is crazier than me"........are u sure about that 🤔

  • jessica mckinney
    jessica mckinney 2 months ago+70

    Such a fake fake woman, sad what entertainment tv has become!

  • Mariane Wakim
    Mariane Wakim 2 months ago+2956

    Goshhhh the fake laugh is killing me

  • Jessica Dawn
    Jessica Dawn 2 months ago+81

    "we were literally together 24 hours a day for 365 days" ok thats a lie?? he was with his kids and the vlog squad?
    also "i get lonely so i post a sad instagram story and if no one responds i make a youtube video" so just confirming that all her "im depressed" videos are for attention and not genuine .. ok great