This BEETLE could have killed my TARANTULA, but it DIED from just ONE small BITE ~ WEAK !!!

  • Published on:  10/23/2019
  • 2nd channel :
    ~ Beyond the Lair


    Thank goodness my tarantula (Avicularia sp. “Amazonica” - Amazon Giant Pink Toe) molted before a superworm in her enclosure turned into a beetle. These darkling beetles can be pretty aggressive and ever ready to chomp down on a molting tarantula.

    When I fed her the superworm, I thought she grabbed it, as there were noises coming from the insides of her webbing where she was. Turns out she didn’t grab it, and now that superworm has become a jet-black darkling beetle. Good thing it came out of hiding so I could see it and capture it, before anything bad happens. Oh, and of course I tried feeding it to my Green Bottle Blue. No takers, unfortunately.

    ** This video was made purely for educational and entertainment purposes only.

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