Nicki Minaj - Bust Down Barbiana (Lyrics)

  • Published on:  2/7/2019
  • Nicki Minaj - Bust Down Barbiana (Blueface - Thotiana Remix)
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    Bust down, Barbiana, bust down, Barbiana
    Bust down and pick that shit up
    Bust down and pick that shit up
    Bust it open and pick that shit up
    Bust it open and pick that shit up

    Uh, ayo, I been a bad bitch, cockiana (Cockiana)
    And I'm still winnin', Pacquiana (Pacquiana)
    Percocets, popiana, killin' everybody beat
    Thank you next, Ariana (Ariana)
    You gon' have to give me topiana (Topiana)
    If you tryna get some sloppiana (Sloppiana)
    I call my opps Oppiana (Oppiana)
    Then shut down Yves Saint, Lauriana (Lauriana)
    I don't want you on my page, blockiana (Blockiana)
    Flow tailor made, like Teyana (Like Teyana)
    They copyin' my style, copiana
    Roger that, over copiana
    Benihana to Katana, bitch, I been a Donna
    He screamin' "My government," O-Onika Tanya
    You look like Nicki now, still you tacky-ana
    To keep it 100, bitch you wacky-ana
    In the hood like Kiana, or a Tatiana
    Immigrant from Trinidad, rep Americana
    I'm 'bout to shut it down at Met Galiana
    You peanut head bitches is always jellyana
    I'm 'bout to get a ring in my bellyana
    Tattoo my man name, then give him some Beckiana (Beckiana)
    85, comma, plus three zeros (Three zeros)
    Plus another comma plus three zeros (Three zeros)
    Then add a dot (Dot)
    Bop a dot dot, bop a dot dot doh
    Been at the top
    Before this song came out, bitch you been a thot (Been a thot)

    Bust down, Barbiana, bust down, Barbiana (Barbiana)
    Then back that shit up (That shit up)
    On the gang, then back that shit up (That shit up)
    On the mags, then back that shit up (That shit up)
    Bust down, Barbiana, bust down (Bust down)
    Then pick that shit up (That shit up)
    On the gang, Barbiana (Barbiana)
    Bust down, bust down, Barbiana (Barbiana)

    Bust down and pick that shit up
    Bust down and pick that shit up
    Bust it open and pick that shit up
    Bust it open and pick that shit up


  • Rap City (Feb 7, 2019)

    Nicki Minaj or Blueface?

  • Daniel Ornelas (28 minutes ago)

    Nicki 🔥❤️

  • bluu dechilly (1 hour ago)

    Rap City nicki minaj for sure

  • Nina Milligan (5 days ago)


  • Steve Luna (9 hours ago)

    Or maybe she just sucks

  • Joseph Hernandez (22 hours ago)

    Anit nobody like her so u just hateing on the blueface bc he better

  • Lovely Abuk (3 days ago)

    Who off beat.. Not Nicki

  • Joseph Hernandez (22 hours ago)

    Yes she is u just saying that bc nicki a girl

  • D Babyyy (1 day ago)

    Lovely Abuk period

  • XxXJQXxX (Feb 13, 2019)

    Imagine thinking this was bad 🤔

  • Jaime Lachlan (9 hours ago)

    SledgeRich imagine saying i dissed your horribly but kept replying😂 butthurt much?

  • SledgeRich (20 hours ago)

    Jaime Lachlan Lmao imagine attempting to diss someone and failing horribly, all while hiding behind a blank profile icon.

  • OwMusicProdz (Feb 9, 2019)

    Nicki was just having fun haters chill out??

  • Umm she was talkin about cardi in this song

  • Bri Bri (21 hours ago)

    Even if she was just playing it should still sound good . Alotta rappers play around, like migos and STILL sound badass . Y'all barbs know she sucks

  • Ethanz Story (Feb 7, 2019)

    I LOVE how she really said "They copyin' my style, copiana"

  • Jamaya Sallette (23 hours ago)

    Danie Mae Peregrina her face too tight to smile tho

  • Danie Mae Peregrina (2 days ago)

    Lil kim is laughing

  • William Kirby (Feb 7, 2019)


  • MAnuel Sanchez (4 days ago)

    William Kirby they didn’t do shit ???

  • Soso Lydia (Feb 10, 2019)

    William Kirby Liked A Thousand Times

  • Gina L (3 days ago)

    I just heard the remix with cardi... I love cardi but this one better

  • Pocvhontís (10 hours ago)

    Lmao she rhymes the same shit over and over

  • karla mdz (18 hours ago)

    Cardi is better nicki say iana in every damn word where cardi doesn't need to use it all through the song

  • Tazz Mania (6 days ago)

    Nicki kilt this better than the original 👑

  • Tazz Mania (20 hours ago)

    Joseph Hernandez your purpose to comment on my post

  • Joseph Hernandez (22 hours ago)

    No she didnt

  • Valentina Hermadez (5 days ago)

    Cardi fans make me laughhhh. They mad this song was better than the original. Come for me if ya won’t but she bodied this song

  • Sithmi Gon (1 hour ago)

    I mean cardi and blue faces version was better Nikki is ok I mean it's not great but this doesn't involve cardi kk but Nikki is great that's your opinion

  • Joseph Hernandez (22 hours ago)

    U just saying that bc cardi way better and when i say better she is a legend