• Published on:  9/16/2018
  • Wanted to address everything that is going on


  • Nafinkle
    Nafinkle 11 months ago+808

    At least the decision to take a break wasn't because you filmed a dead body.

  • Justine Glassmoyer
    Justine Glassmoyer 10 months ago+1297

    Hila, I'm so sorry for your loss, I hope you and your family the best recovery from this, we love you.

  • Sarcasmic
    Sarcasmic 10 months ago+1062

    Bro. I unsubscribed just to smash that subscribe button again bro. Love you bro.

  • Scott Applegarth
    Scott Applegarth 9 months ago+437

    Rest in peace Hila's dad. Hope you guys are OK :(

  • jaydavee
    jaydavee 10 months ago+755

    this is all because you don't have an encouragement video from the current first lady.

  • Grandayy
    Grandayy 11 months ago+10504

    My opinion is that Ethan only took a break from making videos because he has instead been training hard for a boxing fight with Matt Hoss

  • nothin to read here
    nothin to read here 10 months ago+29

    Takes a break for a few months
    Half the audience turns on him because he apparently owes them content

  • BivenG
    BivenG 10 months ago+544

    Great job Ethan, Keep it up, still proud of you,

  • Erzzee
    Erzzee 10 months ago+559

    Why are you guys complaining at all? The whole channel is gold just rewatch everything like I do until they feel okay enough to upload.

  • AQWorldsKamran12
    AQWorldsKamran12 9 months ago+125

    sorry for Hila's loss, I hope you guys rebound stronger than ever! god bless you all. :)

  • Dat
    Dat 11 months ago+20200

    hey its that guy from the podcast

  • Hangman18x
    Hangman18x 10 months ago+196

    I've been watching your guys' videos since the original reaction vids. Recently turned away because of the podcast and, being honest, didn't like what Ethan's content had become, but seeing this makes me feel bad for turning away from you guys. Hope things get/are better for both of you because you guys got me through some rough times and I look forward to your new vids. Papa Bless

  • Khurshed Fitter
    Khurshed Fitter 10 months ago+42

    People wait for months when it comes to TV series but lose their heads when a YouTuber takes a break. Calm down and support em guys. Try and understand that they are humans too so they too need breaks. All the best Ethan and Hila. Keep up the great work :).

  • FiEnD749
    FiEnD749 10 months ago+48

    Seriously, consider exercising. I know that sounds ridiculous, but it has been shown to be incredibly effective for mental health. That and all the benefits of feeling good and what not. Maybe you already are, maybe you aren't. Just trying to help.

  • Graham Richmond
    Graham Richmond 10 months ago+115

    Even if you took out of all the emotional stuff they’ve been through this past year, what’s wrong with having a difficult time creating in one medium but not another (podcast vs. YouTube)? Or even simpler, just taking a break because they’ve found a new found hobby (podcast)? I do agree the Bill Burr podcast was hella uncomfortable but as a day one fan of the podcast I know that it was an outlier. The podcast is not faltering one bit and I would argue some of their funniest content has been on the podcast.
    There are plenty of great channels on YouTube to watch if you need a comedy fix. Think about it this way, would you get this bitter and angry if your favorite Instagram account stopped posting for a while?
    Lastly I hate the idea that people think they are being manipulative. A father passing, a lawsuit, demonetization of their channel, and some serious emotional problems does not add up to someone trying to emotionally manipulate their audience to gain favor with them. It adds up to an awesome couple just leveling with a fan base.
    Even though there’s literally not even a reason for us to cut you some slack since you are voluntarily sharing your humor and personality with us (for free), let’s just cut them some slack lol.
    Papa bless

  • Joey Salads
    Joey Salads 11 months ago+18011

    H3 has full support of the Salad Head Army

  • Andrewthekangaroo Virr
    Andrewthekangaroo Virr 9 months ago+33

    This is so sad
    I Joy play despacito

  • 90day fiance
    90day fiance 10 months ago+32

    I know how u feel Ethan some days I'm so depressed I can't get out of bed but u and your videos on those days cheer me up please don't stop making videos please

  • Gail M
    Gail M 9 months ago+5

    Hila, my condolences to you. I'm sorry for your loss.
    Ethan, I know the depression battle. Glad you are taking care of yourself.

  • 21,000 with no vids challenge

    Actually most comedians turn out to have depression