Daytime Glam - Soft Smokey Cat Eye | Jaclyn Hill

  • Published on:  5/9/2016
  • I'm loving this daytime glam soft smokey cat eye makeup look! Comment down below if you are loving this tutorial and any suggestions on other makeup looks I should do next!SUBSCRIBE!♡ ♡ ♡ DISCOUNT CODES:ELCIE COSMETICS - CODE - “Jaclyn10”MORPHE BRUSHES: CODE: “JACATTACK” FOR A DISCOUNTSIGMA BRUSHES:click this link: discount code “JACLYN" at checkout for 10% offFree shipping on orders of $50HAIR EXTENSIONS: code "jaclyn" for $5 off a pair of extensions for yourself.BELLAMI Hot tools: ENTER 'jaclyn160' for $160 off the 6 in 1 Curler 'jaclyn70' for $70 off the straightening iron. GEEK:♡ ♡ ♡ CONNECT WITH ME!!!MY PO BOX301 W. Platt St #632 Tampa FL 33606INSTAGRAM:JaclynhillTWITTER:JaclynhillSNAPCHAT:JaclynrhillBusiness inquiries am no longer booking clients)♡ ♡ ♡ MY FAVORITE LASHES:VELOUR LASHES: code: "JACLYNVELOUR" for 15% off your total purchase!FLUTTER LASHES: code: "JH15OFF" for 15% off!♡ ♡ ♡ PRODUCTS MENTIONED:Makeup Geek Tiki Hut Burnt Orange Von D Palette Voluminous Mascara Lashes "Kim" Lash Luminous Primer Maran Foundation Decay Concealer Brow Definer No Color Powder Give Me Sun Bronzer Collection Face Palette ;)Becca Wild Honey Blush Aucoin Mascara Chelsea Girls Lip Gloss Clear Brow Gel Fix Plus* SOME links provided above are affiliate links! I am compensated based on some affiliate purchases.


  • megan balas 3 years ago

    AHHH JACLYN HERE'S WHERE YOU'VE BEEN! Not like you would remmeber me after all these years, but you were the first (and forever favorite) person to do my makeup at the MAC store in DeerPark--for a 7th grade dance and then every dance after that! & now that I am in college every time I'm home and I go back to MAC to restock I always ask about you. Finally after 3+ years of asking an artist recently told me about your channel!! Miss you and your talent bunches. It's so inspiring to see you and your s...

  • Elizabeth Gregory 1 years ago


  • Karma Beauty 3 years ago

    Oh my goodness I hope she sees this!!

  • Kristi Barreto 3 years ago

    Forever stalking Jaclyn Hill to see if she's posted a new video.

  • Snaileditcrafts 3 years ago

    ME TOO! She makes me laugh every time]...while of course, showing me awesome beauty tips and tricks ;)

  • Amanda Zurita 3 years ago

    Me to lol.... I love her videos they are bae

  • Marisa Veilleux 3 years ago

    Did anyone else crack up when she started bronzing? It was so intense she was just going HARD ahahaha

  • Haley W 3 years ago

    Okay read this because it is a great idea for a video. You should do a throw back video! Like a look with all of your old favorites like mac saddle and wild honey and use all the products that the people that haven't been following you since the beginning have never seen you obsess about. It could be a way to celebrate hitting 3 million!

  • Charlea Liddell 3 years ago

    WHEN YOU'RE LITERALLY DYING BC OF PERIOD CRAMPS AND HEADED TO PICK OUT A CASKET AND JACLYN BRINGS YOU BACK TO LIFE WITH THIS LOOK!!!! #burymewithchampagnepop#highlightintheafterlife#Jesuswillbeblindedbymyhighlight

  • Mymartinez 38 3 years ago

    +Makeup By CharleaD so sorry.

  • Charlea Liddell 3 years ago

    +Michelle Martinez thanks girl! I'm on birth control pills but it isn't helping!!

  • TayyStabs 3 years ago

    you're literally a queenI've been binge watching your channel for like 3 hours its like my netflix ahaha

  • Vastasiya 3 years ago

    If I had that skin, I would NEVER wear makeup

  • Jaclyn I need to tell u something ! U LOOK EXACTLY LIKE THE ANASTASIA PRINCESS OMFG ITS UNCANNY I LOVE IT I'll do a collage and tag u on IG 👌🏽

  • ce.line.vlogs 3 years ago

    +Savannah Lyn hahah at first i was like norvina? anastasia beverly hills? but then I was like OH DISNEY OMG YOU'RE SO RIGHT!!

  • Valarie Amaya 3 years ago

    Love the necklace!! Can you tell me where it came from?

  • Holly’s Niche 3 years ago

    If Jaclyn doesn't come out with an eyeshadow called "Baby Puke" some day I will be very disappointed 😂

  • Lynsey Rose 1 years ago

    She did 😂😂

  • FK M 1 years ago

    Well one year later here we go