The Notebook • I Knew I loved You • Savage Garden

  • Published on:  7/18/2015
  • From the 2004 Nick Cassavetes film "The Notebook" with Ryan Gosling, Rachel McAdams, James Garner & Gena Rowlands. Based on the novel by Nicholas Sparks.I am not making any money off of this channel and all videos/edits are in accordance with copyright/fair use.


  • Macushla XOXO
    Macushla XOXO a years ago+85

    When I saw you I fell in love, and you smiled because you knew.

  • Starry-eyed Gal
    Starry-eyed Gal 3 years ago+124

    This made me cry! :") Gosh, I'm such a sap when it comes to romance :P

  • AndNowYour MommaKnows
    AndNowYour MommaKnows 2 years ago+23

    That's me and my wife's favorite movie and it's one of my favorite songs and combined together it's simply magical!!! Awesome!

  • George Grimshaw
    George Grimshaw 3 years ago+12

    my soul bathes in memories of love in a life where I was happy. I took it for granted and I miss it SO much :(

  • Maggie J Haynes
    Maggie J Haynes 3 years ago+3

    Thank you for the video and song. . Very well done. I went out bought this movie as soon as it came out!
    Awesome movie and actors.
    Reminds me so much of my First love in 1968..

  • Sonia La Spina
    Sonia La Spina a years ago+12

    Yes..this does's called destiny

  • Silentbutterfly23
    Silentbutterfly23 3 years ago+44

    I love the notebook, its more honest about relationships then most movies now a day. They don't always get along but they know they love each other and that's why they keep together and work things out. Me and my fiance have arguments just like all other couples, but we still stick together cause we love each other more then anything.

  • Ancha Batubara
    Ancha Batubara 3 years ago+25

    I've been watched this movie many times,,, and even once i didn't getting bored,, and it always makes my tears falls

  • Aleta Moore
    Aleta Moore 3 years ago+5

    I knew when I first saw your picture and then when you came into Aunt Fannie's, when you pulled down your sunglasses and said, Hi, I'm Kevin Grover. I love you with a Deep, True and Everlasting Love.

  • Virginia Sullivan
    Virginia Sullivan 2 years ago+14

    to a man I've loved....for to many many years...I love you SB

  • Drew McConachie
    Drew McConachie a years ago+7

    One woma in my life has made me feel like this and she knows who she is

  • Elizabeth Mattia
    Elizabeth Mattia 2 years ago+7

    I love this!it make me think of someone so special to me that's faraway from me now!

  • Deh Helen
    Deh Helen 2 years ago+12

    Amo esse filme, e uma história de amor linda !💖💖💖💖 Quem dera todos encontrar o amor para toda uma vida !💜💜💜💜

  • Kaylee Reaka
    Kaylee Reaka 28 days ago+3

    The florida Georgia line song "simple" wouldve been almost perfect for this movie I love the notebook and country lol

  • john jay
    john jay 3 years ago+6

    Great song with creative lyrics expressing the feelings of many of us dreamers... who are prepared and are love-ready with their ideal they have in their minds. . before they actually we meet them in real life. An idealistic scenario already formed... if it ever happens in life yet likely to be lost... given the realities of life and the human condition.

  • Caroline Nyambuvi
    Caroline Nyambuvi 3 years ago+4

    could only sing this song to 1 man he is gone he was the best I ever had n best I ever will have its true you only love once missing you my hubby love yu forever

  • Billy Cantrell
    Billy Cantrell 2 years ago+16

    wish I could find love like that

  • Jhunessa Arribe
    Jhunessa Arribe 2 years ago+8

    I knew I loved you before I meet You :)

  • George Grimshaw
    George Grimshaw 3 years ago+12

    my soul bathes in memories of love in a life where I was happy. I took it for granted and I miss it SO much :(

  • Milagros Montes Choqueña

    Perfect! I<3Notebook movie