• Published on:  2/8/2019
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  • Gage Beam
    Gage Beam 6 months ago+2449

    Christian, challenge Nicolette to only live off dollar tree for 24 hours😂😂

  • Juli Villagomez
    Juli Villagomez 6 months ago+368

    i WISH i hated fast food

  • B S
    B S 6 months ago+857

    She acted like the food was gone kill her tf?

  • Lilly ꧁꧂
    Lilly ꧁꧂ 6 months ago+942

    When Nicolette was biting into the burger, it reminded me of the spongebob episode when squidward took his first bite of a krabby patty

  • Ashish Nair
    Ashish Nair 6 months ago+359

    Please do “Nicolette and Christian swap lives for a day”

  • rylan emarie
    rylan emarie 6 months ago+3595

    This isn’t even a challenge for me😂😂

  • Emiry
    Emiry 6 months ago+532

    Gurl eat the dam food and stop being whiny omg

  • Maddynf Lil Tay
    Maddynf Lil Tay 6 months ago+304

    Notice how she left the dog in the car when she went in el pollo loco...

  • Chloe Ng
    Chloe Ng 6 months ago+313

    ok was it just me who thought bentley was a real person

  • Clementine
    Clementine 6 months ago+248

    dr phil: get a job
    this girl: yOuTuBe

  • Stacey Haugen
    Stacey Haugen 6 months ago+315

    That is the shadiest dog training deal ever.

  • caroline gulan
    caroline gulan 6 months ago+366

    U left your dog in the car when you went to eat?!

  • Chich O
    Chich O 6 months ago+318

    No hate but it's funny thinking of how she was miserable all day eating fast food while some people can't afford to eat that much in a week

  • Oisin Bolt
    Oisin Bolt 6 months ago+215

    nicolette shouting no at bentley for shaking (which dogs naturally do) made me sad

  • Gabriella Beauty
    Gabriella Beauty 6 months ago+1220

    I wanna see her eat Takis and hot Cheetos with chamooooyyyyy

  • Lily Corry
    Lily Corry 6 months ago+64

    The way she was drinking the soda gave me anxiety

  • Sarah Mcneal
    Sarah Mcneal 6 months ago+88

    When Christian ordered her food and Nicolette goes “I don’t want thatttt” and Christian goes “too bad” the guy taking their order must’ve been like “weirdos”

  • Harry Potter
    Harry Potter 6 months ago+97

    Nicolette:Its a little late to get breakfast
    Me: I’m sure it’s not that late
    Nicolette: Its 2pm
    Me: Oh...😐

  • mona w
    mona w 6 months ago+79

    You’re not allergic to milk lol you’re lactose intolerant meaning you have trouble digesting dairy which can be easily solved by an over-the-counter dairy digestive supplement

  • Teejah Yurs
    Teejah Yurs 6 months ago+1268

    You should do a video where Christian controls your whole day!!! That’s be epic!!